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  1. Thanks! Well, it's basically the straight tip of the stairs that's at wrong orientation
  2. Thanks a lot! I noticed the wrong orientation of the ladder too late, sadly it's very difficult to fix without breaking too much of the structure, so I decided to leave it like that.
  3. Well, I can call this bird definitely finished!
  4. A lot of work was put into the exhaust to make them look rusty
  5. Light weathering and Matt coat, this bird is near to be finished!
  6. After a long session of torture I can now proceed to apply a gloss coat. I had to hold my breath to maintain a steady line while doing a few passes to get full opacity, it's really far from perfect, but at a proper distance looks quite nice, we'll see how it looks like after some light weathering and decals.
  7. Well I took my time yesterday to do some research and I saw a darker tone on the canopy frames of the aircraft I want to do, first I started giving a base color of white with a few drops of Tamiya XF-23 light blue, the mottling was made with (RAF) ocean gray and field gray, both Tamiya colors, I don't really mind getting the exact tone, because it is going to be al scribbled over in dark green.
  8. Well, I took these couple of days to prepare everything for the more complex camo and patterns. After the black primer I decided to do some black basing, it's really time consuming, but I got really good results doing this technique in the past.
  9. So it would be accurate to paint only the starboard underwing black, do you have a picture of the scheme to see the reference too?
  10. Amazing work! I'm aiming to get a similar result, question: does the canopy always had a darker color than the rest of the fuselage? If that's a yes, which color should I use? I've seen a lot of photos with the canopy darker, others with the same color, I am kinda confused in that aspect
  11. After a long break, I'm back! Just finished gluing the canopy in place and applied Mr.Surfacer black primer
  12. Canopy finally masked, what a challenge
  13. I've been thinking about the wheels, the ones provided with the kit are quite bland, I found some spare ICM ww2 bomber wheels I had laying around and modified the thread accordingly to the proper reference.
  14. Thanks! I tried to to my research, but couldn't find any definitive information. Now I know I won't be painting black de underside of the fuselage, those pictures are amazing, thanks again!
  15. Finally done with putty and sanding, I can head to primer now
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