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  1. Thank you very much!!! The engine is a cool point of interest I've seen on other models so I tried to do the same, a lot of hours were invested in it, really paid off.
  2. I tried to flatten the wheels without success... I used a pan with wax paper and cardboard to control the heat that reaches the rest of the plane exposing only the wheels, when it started to fall in the shape I wanted, quickly removed it from the heat. I have seen this method being used a lot, but I dont know why it didn't work for me. It simply doesn't look good I don't know whether to use a metal file to try to smooth or flatten the surface a bit, I can't think of any other way to fix it. This one is not going to win any contest
  3. landing gear doors, hydraulic cables and landing gear brakes ready! Everything glued together, decals and matt varnish applied, looks like this, this project it's almost finished
  4. Next thing I did was thinning and sanding a bit the side antennas to make it look better for the scale and draw the diamond pattern on the wheels.
  5. Light gray wash, decals and exhaust smoke done.
  6. I painted the tail markigs because the colors on the decals were incorrect, It's not looking perfect, but i think it's a fair representation for the 418th Night Fighter Squadron. Also here's some information I've found on other forums. https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/1st-place-beginner-p-61-black-widow-of-maj-carrol-c-snuffy-smith.19641/page-2 Notice I'm building a P-61A, just because in those pictures I don't perceive the nose long enough to be a B version. But trying to discuss the few inches of difference at 1/48 scale is kinda ridiculous at this point.
  7. I am using "Rosie the riveter" for 1/48 and 1/32 scale. It is not a cheap tool, but it's totally worth it. I have used the trumpeter riveter in the past with good results and it's a lot cheaper. I would totally recommend the trumpeter one even tho in the internet a lot of people criticise it. The only modification I made was a side cut to watch better where I'm riveting, but still an amazing tool to improve our scale models.
  8. Metallic paint applied, then a base of nato black, preshading using light gray and a sponge and Tamiya xf-17 sea blue for post shading.
  9. The engine is finally finished and painted, I can go nor for the paint job of this amazing warbird.
  10. Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine. Used the basic resin engine from Quickboost and the rest of the details made with copper wires and aluminum foil. A quick comparison between the engine out of the box and the one I modified, luckily I got the same height on both propellers, so that's good!
  11. Booms finally glued in place. Making sure everything is as aligned as possible.
  12. Thank you! I hope this works as inspiration for you, definitely this kit needs a lot of help with the clear parts, but with enough time and patience you can turn any "unbuildable" kit up to today standards, I'm sure your P-61 will look amazing!
  13. Thank you! The clear parts area true challenge, good luck with your P-61
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