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  1. What a thread to come across, I shall be here for the build and the anecdotes! I can assure you the the winged master race are still as "interesting" in taxiing as they ever were, I even know one pilot who is able to 6 wheel drift a Herc. He soon got a rap round the back of the flying helmet when I told him I would be the one changing the scrubbed tyres with his assistance if he did it again Couldn't show him I was secretly a bit impressed, no good comes from encouraging them. Names, dates and places will have to be vague if I pitch in with any stories as I am still serving out my sentence, sorry tour. I popped through Canada a while ago on a route, wasn't able to Screech the two Canadian virgins in though, bit late onto chocks. Oh well next time Cheers for stirring up a few memories of mine walking the line as a spotty faced SAC! Matt
  2. Nice to be back, fair bit of travelling this year has kept me away from the modelling desk, even though on occasion I take the modelling desk with me! Very kind of you to say, hopefully I will have a few more builds completed soon and put up on here. Matt
  3. Many Thanks Pete, Very happy I could give you something nice to look at Matt
  4. That will explain things, all of the pictures of the bombs I used for reference are museum pieces that would have arrived after 82! Pictures of bombs in Vulcans are normally from far away or close up from the tail end Thanks for the detail, I love learning new bits and pieces that will help with future builds, thanks for taking the time out to educate Matt
  5. 3 Days??!! You most definity deserve a medal after that commitment! Your dedication certainly shows with the crisp demarcation. Just realised 1/72 as well, I thought this was 1/48 Matt
  6. Wow I am glad I could rekindle your Vulcan appreciation! Cheers! Matt
  7. Cheers chap, if only I had the room, although the Shrikes are kept safe, you know, just in case Luckily this one was built for a friend, so he now has the problem of finding enough shelf space for it!! Matt
  8. Now that is a clever way of getting some lovely stripes! That is definitly going into the memory bank for future builds. A victor with a pair of bucc's trailing mmmmmmmmm sorry I think I will need a minute here..... Matt
  9. It's a greenhouse with wings! Fair play to you for tackling those acres of glass, I get fed up after a single seat cockpit Proper job there Sir. Matt
  10. Thanks Mike! For the bomb yellow stripe I used a strip of yellow decal, and that was a painful enough process on 21 bombs! I think masking and spraying would have sent me over the edge, hah! Next one of the Vbombers will most likely be a Victor in Gulf war colours. Cheers Matt
  11. Well now they have finished trying to keep the flying museum piece in the air, AWACS, they should have lots of talented techies about to give 607 some love! The more I read into how things were brought together for the Black Buck raids it amazes me that not only did we pull it off once, but multiple times and without a single loss (bar the diversion to Rio!). It really was a different Air Force then to the one I am in today. I couldn't see the Black Buck missions getting the green light these days. Matt
  12. It was a bit of a pain that is for sure, lots of Mr Surfacer 500 and some cut down sanding sponge on a stick did the trick. I think if i was to build another I would cheat and fit the intake blanks! Thanks for the praise chap, I am enjoying watching yours come together. Matt
  13. Greetings to you all, Well I have just finished my Avro Vulcan as XM607 just prior to Black Buck 1. I was able to source the long out of production CModels Black Buck weapons set, thanks to @DougC, which really helped as it has the early non-faired pylon onto which was mounted the Dash 10 ECM pod. The old Airfix Vulcan set helped supply the other faired pylon for the port wing. The Shrike anti radar missiles were mounted to these on later Black Buck missions. Apart from the CModels weapons set and some XtraDecal decals for XM607 she has been built out of the box. I had a few issues with the intake seams, but a few cycles of filling and sanding soon had lovely smooth intakes. Painted using Tamiya and Mr Color paints. Onto the pictures then! I am quite happy with how she has come out and feel I have captured XM607 fairly accurately (there is always something I miss!) just before she set out on her historic mission. Many thanks for viewing Matt
  14. I have used a lot of Eduard aftermarket on many kits. I kind of feel there are some kits that really need enhancing as they are of an older design or simpler, this kit just seems to work as is. I am sure that an eduard engine would add some extra detail, but would that small amount of extra detail be worth the effort? Well that is upto you and how much time you wish to put into the build. Some lead wire to add some wiring and pipework to the kit engine may give just a good a finish. Which ever way you go I am looking forward to seeing the finished result. Matt
  15. Many thanks for all the kind words, this was a gem of a kit to build and looking forward to doing the second offering in the box soon. Matt
  16. Hi All, Managed to finish a few projects whilst deployed and first up is Eduard's beautiful Mk1 Spitfire. The kit was a pleasure to build and really enjoyed all the little details that Eduard included in the box, looking forward to building the second one as a later varient. I built this one straight out the box, sprayed using my Cr Plus using Tamiya and Mr Color paints and finishing touches with oils and pastels. I tried a few new techniques with the oils on this kit for highlighting panels and adding some depth. Still learning, but very happy with how the finish has come out on this one, think the only differance I would have made would be to have sprayed the roundels. Anyway onto the pictures, happy for any feeback, good or bad. Cheers Matt
  17. Hi I currently own a 1968 SWB series 2a and in a month will be taking delivery of a 1969 LWB Series 2a if this is of any help? Matt
  18. Further to the info I gave, I thought you would be interested in a few pictures of the core and the issue with the airfix core. Side by side comparison of the two parts This shows as far as you can get the first first ring onto the airfix core without serious sanding and modification The resin replacement allows the ring to just slide on with a nice snug fit And final view of all the parts dry fitted to the core. There is a slight change to the build order when using the resin core as it has some parts molded on that the plastic part are added on later. The Youtube video mentioned before and the ebay listing gives information on the step changes. Hope this gives a bit more info for you all. Matt
  19. Yes, I don't think I am allowed to build the 1/24 Typhoon until after we have moved house in a few months time, alreay have 5 display cases and cabinates to pack away May get away with a few 1/48 fighters though
  20. Wow, Proving the adage of less is more there. Very subtle and restrained weathering on a super sharp paint finish. Love it! Matt
  21. Love this, wonderful build, finish and diorama to finish it off. I have been coverting this release for a while now, I think you may have made me buy one tonight! Matt
  22. Again thank you all for your kind words, never thought I would get this reception for the Hellcat! Well I have offered it to my friend who inspired the markings and finish. If he doesn't have the room for it then I guess I will have to make a case for it! (or find someone else who does have room!) Matt
  23. Wow, many thanks to you all, I really wasn't expecting this response! Malcome, I found out about the issue from Nigel's Modelling bench channel on Youtube, he does a very detailed build and analysis of the good and bad points. He started producing the resin cores and I found mine on eBay. The video will explain more than I could on here. Many Thanks, the modelling desk is an old roll top bureau as it allows me to roll the top down when I am away or we have guests and my clutter just disappears. Keeps the long haired Wing Commander Happy!! Cheers Tony, as I mentioned to Malcome above, if you haven't already seen about the engine core issue have a look at Nigel's Modelling Bench on YouTube, save a few pitfalls. Again, Thanks for your comments. Must say I am quite chuffed with how this one has turned out. Matt
  24. Looks every inch the work horse she was. Wonderful build and finish. Matt
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