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  1. Good afternoon, colleagues! Let me introduce to your court another vacushka from Aviastend La-15. My third such model in a row. It was assembled without any problems, the case was reinforced from the inside with a power frame made of plastic of various thicknesses. The shell itself, initially 0.6 mm thick, became even thinner after grinding and the frame gave the necessary rigidity. I used little putty, I spilled all the joints with cyanoacrylate. And it is applied easily and grinds well. I took the lantern on it, then I poured the joint with a glossy varnish from Tamiya. It was necessary to "wrap" the model abundantly with aluminum tape partly due to the very small thickness of the plastic after grinding. Well, it seems like a rivet (rolled on tape before applying), and an additional power frame at the same time. I fantasized a little with niches, landing gear racks, used the remnants of etching. The technique is a combined hodgepodge, I think you can't see it on the shelf anyway, but the model enlivens. I painted Valejio and Mr. Hobby as usual, stained them with art oil. Enjoy watching it! Sincerely, Mikhail
  2. Good afternoon, colleagues! North Amtrican F-82G Twin Mustang, a two-seat long-range fighter. Known as the last piston-engined fighter of the United States Air Force. A model from "Monogram" in 1973 with external stitching and a pleasant convergence of details. With its own advantages and disadvantages. Assembly "izkorobka". The embroidery was not cut. The embroidery that was damaged during the fitting of the parts was imitated with aluminum tape, having previously rolled up the "rivets". Decals from age tried to turn into puzzles, barely collected. The embroidery with a "dry" brush (aluminum) stood out. I smeared it with art oil. Chemistry from valegio. Enjoy your viewing. Sincerely, Mikhail
  3. Good afternoon, colleagues. I'm not a big fan of jet planes, this assembly was rather a desire to assemble something simple in order to relax. Moreover, I have never dealt with the TAMIYA company, I wanted to get acquainted. The set is an old 1974 model, in a scale of 1: 100. The set is quite primitive, with large gaps, steps of half a millimeter, utyazhinami, in short, not impressed. The work turned out to be a little difficult, just the assembly would look quite shabby, I tried to complicate it. I cut through the air brakes, in places where I could, I made riveting, chassis niches, in places I used the remnants of photo etching and so on. The model is small, "sharp", constantly trying to catch on something, a couple of times flew off the table. The color is different from the prototype, to sculpt masks on this awl did not have enough patience. Painted Valejio, stained with art oil. In some places, I used aluminum foil. If you like the viewing, I will be happy. Sincerely, Mikhail
  4. Good afternoon, colleagues. Rather-it will be a review of the kit for construction, than just a demonstration of the "skeleton" model of the German submarine 7 series. There is already one similar review on the site, but without a demonstration of the finished product. The Chinese firm Jasmine model produces some rather original "skeleton models of equipment". The material of the etching plates is declared as stainless steel. Partly similar to the truth, springy alloy, quite poorly treated with abrasive. Details in the most part are going to like puzzles and are attached with cyanoacrylate. The instructions are in the form of drawings, sometimes illegible, but it is not difficult to understand. Etching is done very well, the details are easy to assemble. A great set to pass a few winter evenings, and the product looks original. If only the price would be more democratic, but this is another topic. Enjoy your viewing. Sincerely, Mikhail
  5. Hello, Pete! First, the rivet is rolled (on a cut-to-size foil), then removed from the substrate and transferred to the model. Regards, Mikhail
  6. Thank you, colleagues. Sincerely, Mikhail
  7. Thank you, the gray-blue color was mixed on the eye, the protruding places were passed with aluminum paint " dry brush"
  8. Good evening, colleagues! Allow me to present to your court the next model from the Star. Recently, I have seen several models of this helicopter on the site, I don't see any point in talking about a prototype. The model both liked and disliked. I did not like the huge rivet, the "glass" material, muddy and not amenable to polishing. The decals are normal, for the joy of sticking an additional tech from the KA-52. I did not delve into the match much, I added an imitation of hoses, wiring, etc. to the box. I used aluminum tape. After processing the photos, I was a little upset – I did not remove the masks of the side windows, I did not take a photo, but my colleagues will forgive me. Paints Mr. Hobby, Citadel, Vallejo, art oil. Enjoy your viewing. Sincerely, Mikhail
  9. Thank you, colleagues. I am very pleased to read your reviews. I will try not to disappoint you with my crafts in the future. Regards, Mikhail
  10. Thank you, colleagues. I am very pleased to read your reviews. I will try not to disappoint you with my crafts in the future. Regards, Mikhail
  11. Thanks. Front armament turned out to be exaggerated. I got a little sick and wanted to finish this project. Machine guns keep on patafix, I plan to remake later. There are photos of the construction site, maybe not everything, if you are interested in something, I will try to answer. Regards, Mikhail
  12. Good day ! Allow me to present a model of this bison to your court. An old Polish LWS-6 ZUBR gun from BROPLAN. I was interested in the prototype itself and the desire to overcome this set. I didn't have anything to do with vacushki before, and I don't think I'll contact them in the future either. I was busy with the model for a long time, I had to finish a lot, think, experiment. At the end, I picked up the covid and tried to finish it without improvement. You can read about the prototype here: https://topwar.ru/22676-polskiy-sredniy-bombardirovschik-p-30-lws-6-zubr.html In General, I think that the set won, although sometimes it made me think. At the end, a few photos of the construction site. Painted as usual Mr. Hobby and Valejio. Smeared it with art oil. Enjoy your viewing. Sincerely, Mikhail
  13. Thank you, colleagues. I really appreciate your feedback. Sincerely, Mikhail
  14. Спасибо, коллеги. С уважением, Михаил
  15. Good afternoon. I often have problems with decals. For some reason, it is not always possible to apply them perfectly. On the corrugation, the decals lay down well, the adhesion was good, rolled over the corrugation well, but after drying, the substrate is very noticeable. Maybe silver paint, or maybe my crooked hands. Subsequent coating with varnish, oil points (traces of operation), did not make any special changes. Sincerely, Mikhail
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