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  1. Hi Wilks, I have already modified mentioned parts. But a little bit I'm going repair the rear shape of doppler panel.yet... Currently Mirages are after washing by MiG Neutral Grey and Cold Grey washes: Pavol
  2. Hi Wilks, Thank you for your comments! I will fix it as far as possible. 22 australian 1/72 Mirages...it sounds great! I keep my fingers crossed! Pavol
  3. Hi Ray, thank you for your info. Rivets are much reduced now after the surfacer and the airbrush. Happy to welcome Your comments during this building. This is a unique opportunity for me to have information directly from the expert! Actual status: Pavol
  4. Really nice NMF finish! This ČSA marking is very impressive for Dakota.
  5. Good job Jan! That last picture of MA&MFN is really beautiful. Nice comparison of the NMF and grey surfaces from the different periods of service. Pavol
  6. I've finished another cockpit details and added the new ones into the undercarriage bays. Pavol
  7. I have choosen two experimental camouflage schemes, both offered in a kit: A3-25 , A3-25 A3-99 I guess both are very attractive
  8. Thanks guys! The next progress on the cockpits and the start assembling airframes. Pavol
  9. Hello, I recently started the assembly of a pair of High Planes Mirage III kits. The in box review in pictures you can find on my blog: http://lietadielka.blogspot.fr/2012/05/mirage-iiio-nesher-s-high-planes-172.html. I would like finish both kits as an australian Mirages IIIO in a grey experimental camouflages. I'm currently working on an interiors.The basic cockpit color is a dark grey Tamiya acryl XF-24. The details are painted by various Vallejo, Revell Aqua and Humbrol Acryl colors. Pavol
  10. MiG-21MF, #7713, Slovak Air Force, 2002. This fishbed is armed with a pair of missiles RS-2US and a pair of R-13M (RV Armament set) . The external fuel tanks are reused from the old KP kit. Pavol
  11. MiG-21MFN, #5581, Czech Air Force, 2005. This fishbed is armed with a pair of missiles R-60 (RV Armament set). The external fuel tanks are reused from the old Fujimi kit.
  12. The Czech and Slovak fishbeds are already completed. Some "Step-by-step" pictures from the construction are posted here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234950372-mig-21mf-mig-21mfn-fishbed-rv-aircraft-172/ Finally, only a brief summary of used aftermarket accessories: Quickboost QB 72 200 MiG-21MF/SMT/bis Air Intake Quickboost QB 72 228 MiG-21MF/SMT/bis Air Scoops Air Master AM-72043 MiG-21 SM/M/MF Pitot Tube PE cockpit set RV72026 and RV72025 PE set exterior RES-IM 72006 stencils Eduard D72004 MiG-21MF
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