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  1. I present you in an old Monogram kit of the B-26 Marauder 1/48 from 1978, the kit tests you, I remade the panel lines, the decals were a toothache....Tamiya acrylic paint .... I liked the result, I expected much less for the quality of the kit, greetings !! (Original photo credit to Jetphotos.)
  2. I used the tones indicated by the kit and I did not stay the same, will it be the version? .... something does not suit me ....... splendid work of yours.
  3. I have 48 in my hangar ..... it's tremendous ..... Monogram......
  4. Mikoyan Mig 21 MF Soviet Air Force, Trumpeter kit 1/48, Tamiya Lp 11 paint and variations with black, box version, excellent kit, it was a pleasure to work with, greetings!
  5. Vickers Wellington Mk.X in progress, the kit is more than basic , fit and parts quality quite low , I hope the decals are good enough , I do not recommend this kit , the Trumpeter should be much better ... cheers!
  6. I understood, no friend ... these parts are replacement, due to the cadence of the vulcan and the degradation of the material through which the ammunition passes through the action of the barrel, from time to time it is replaced but they go with a particular factory tone ... normally it is light yellow, other parts around the barrel are also changed ,,, I will leave a photo to give credit to my explanation, greetings
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