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  1. One has to consider that such subjects are quite niche products with a very limited potential customer base (domestic market + a few abroad). Let's be honest, how many modellers know what a Saab B 17 is? I guess even for most people on this forum, which is frequented by enthusiast modellers, it is quite an obscure subject. For small manufacturers like Tarangus an injection molded kit is quite an outlay and they have to tightly calculate in order to make it viable. I'm sure they could have added more detail (an photo etched fret for the interior for example) but for sure this would have driven the price further up, limiting the customer base even more. I guess this is the reason they provided the parts for the S 17BS and B 17C as add ons since the outlay for another full boxing could not be justified. I simply cannot see any "big" manufacturer doing one in 1/48 (except maybe Hobby Boss, like they did with the Lansen) so for the foreseeable future it is Tarangus or nothing. Furthermore, I understand that price is an important factor for many and other kits may offer a better 'bang for the buck' but, in order to be able to offer such subjects at all, manufacturers sometimes have to make compromises. That said, I have their B 17A, B 17B and S 17BS conversion and while pricy I'm grateful someone took the risk and decided to offer them in plastic and 1/48 Cheers Markus
  2. Seems you mixed me up with Werner As he said, an interesting portfolio. Cool to see your product history, didn't know your are in this business that long. Great info about the Orao 2.0. I'm following this topic since a while and it seems the much needed update of the Orao is finally progressing. As I understand they are even bringing some machines (four I think) back into service which were preserved at the aviation museum for years. Cheers Markus
  3. Oh my, that's some incredible interior detailing you put into this old kit. Massively impressive Cheers Markus
  4. Hi Louis, that's some seriously nice work on the cockpit Seems the kit offers some challenges during assembly. Will be interesting how the rest will go together. Cheers Markus
  5. Great progress so far. Regarding the bending of the rotors, may I suggest, depending on the flexibility of the plastic, to roll them back and forth over something round like a scalpel handle? That way you can slowly introduce a bend and always have control over the process. Using boiling water in this scale may be "the nuclear option" Not enough Vodka in the cockpit? Cheers Markus
  6. She is a beauty, not that I would expect anything less from a French Mademoiselle Cheers Markus
  7. Bel Rafale Your efforts certainly paid off big time! Cheers Markus
  8. Oh my, that clear parts require quite a bit of sanding and blending it seems. Would have been better if they had designed the whole front part as a single clear part me thinks. Impatience? Not really. Procrastinating? Maybe
  9. Bertie, that's exactly how I feel about Group Builds too. Couldn't have put it any better Cheers Markus
  10. Hi @vppelt68, as this GB is scheduled now (yes, I voted for it and be glad it got through) I'd like to enter with a 1/48 Hobbycraft Do 17E if possible. Cheers Markus
  11. Hi all, wow, quite some traffic. Thank you all again for the provided infos. @Retired Bob Great, thanks for this first-hand information In fact, guidance was something I was still unsure about as most sources make no mention of how the Martels are guided. I already assumed the AR needed no pod but good that you can confirm this. I plan to fit two AR Martels so no need to scratch a Data Link Pod but just in case, do you have any pics or dimensions for the DLP? There is not much available on the web except for just two views of one mounted on a Buccaneer. @David Womby Thank you very much, especially for the brochure showing a possible camo scheme. I think I can work with that Btw, nice model, looks great in wraparound camo. @general melchett Clear as mud as they say then. A pity that I would need to buy the whole book to see what they've written exactly and where they got this info from, so it seems I'm on my own here to decide. At the moment I'm leaning towards using the long wing. @Pappy I guess you have a point regarding the cockpit. Having a second thought, I became aware that the FB-111 had a similar advanced avionic fit (called Mark IIB) which used the same 'analogue' layout as the other F-111 variants. So I will do as suggested and keep the cockpit standard and add Martel controls. Do you have pictures of the Martel TV screen and control box in the Bucc? To my surprise there are almost no pics of the WSO cockpit on the net and the ones I found seem to be of non-Martel machines (the TV screen should be between the WSO's legs, right?). I only found this, is that the TV screen we are talking about? What should the control box look like? https://live.staticflickr.com/7917/47429173101_d89fce3e80_b.jpg @71chally Thanks, that are my thoughts too regarding the camo. Guess you are right regarding the RAF use of ECM pods, so I will leave them off. It would be easy enough to add them later on if I change my mind. As I want to do one of the initial machines at the very beginning of its service life (maybe a 237 OCU machine) I will keep it as standard as possible. @Hook A retractable probe is a given, you can see the cutout for the bay in the pics from the assembly line. But I definitely want to show the probe extended in order to emphasize its 'Britishness' @Caerbannog Wow, thank you very much for these detailed information. By accident, I found the same article online and re-read it. This helps me a lot to fill some blanks. The only thing where I think they made a mistake or maybe misunderstood things was the part with the F95 cameras in the equipment bay. I cannot see where they would fit together with the avionics. I guess they mistook this for the recce pallet which, as I've read elsewhere, should compromise three cameras, one vertical, two oblique. Would not make sense to fit cameras to all planes plus an optional recce pallet. Thanks! Cheers Markus
  12. Thanks, I'm always looking for scratchbuilding materials and was not aware they had such a good selection. Good to know. Hehe, why not I always wanted to visit Russia and especially Monino. I just need to stock up on memory cards. While I do not really actively remember the Cold War as I was born in the mid 80s I'm somewhat connected to this time period as most of the famous aircraft designs we enthusiasts grew up with originated from this conflict. Must have been interesting so close to the Iron Curtain. Guess there were quite a few 'navigational errors' so close at the border.
  13. Hi guys, thank you all for your input. Certainly food for further thoughts. Thank you all. I already assumed this to be the case, just wanted to make sure before I fill any panel lines. Yes, WE177 would be a given considering the anticipated role of the Merlin. But since they would be invisible in the bomb bay I have the idea of putting two Martels on the wings in order to emphasize the 'uniqueness' of the British Varks There were artist impressions showing standard tactical camo and even the TSR.2 was going to be painted in tactical colours had it been procured. Only the initial planes would feature a scheme of DSG/DG over white with a high demarcation line. So while certainly attractive, anti-flash white would unfortunately highly unlikely. That comment regarding the wings initially made me look again for all sources which stated that this was an error, repeated by a lot of publications. There was even a discussion on BM about that: But then I came across an interesting and quite recent post on the What-if modeller forum which states that, despite the first two machines having the short wing, this decision was changed to the long wing for the following aircraft. Source is p.52 of the book 'From Controversy to Cutting Edge: A History of the F-111 In Australian Service': https://www.whatifmodellers.com/index.php?topic=47184.0 Unfortunately, the provided link is broken, so I cannot read it up myself which drives the little voice in my head mad if I should change the wing or not. Maybe the General @general melchett can chime in considering his information packed but sadly abandoned build and shed some light into the topic? Thanks, great model I found a few nice builds at Britmodeller which served as an inspiration for me. I asked myself the same question and the conclusion was better not to investigate further as I may not like the answer. The undercarriage is quite hidden below the fuselage anyway, so I decided to live in blissful ignorance Cheers Markus
  14. Hi fellow Britmodellers, I'm playing with the idea of building an F-111K for some time now and recently fate smiled upon me with my LHS having a second-hand Academy F-111C (prefer it over the HB kit with it's botched canopy). This version should be a good basis as it provides the same combination of the F-111A airframe with the heavy-duty landing gear of the FB-111A as needed for the proposed UK version. Now I've read through every thread and build on BM and on the web to determine the UK-specific changes I require to make to the kit for the 'K': shortening the wings as the F-111K should feature the "short" F-111A wings new instrument panel as the F-111K should get the Mark II avionics package developed for the F-111D adding a retractable refueling probe ahead of the cockpit, slightly offset to the right Now there are still some white spots which I hope you'll be able to shed some light: Camo: Considering the first 2 machines were already in an advanced state of assembly, were there any official camouflage diagrams in existence? I would mainly be interested in details like roundel positions/sizes and proposed camo pattern. Generally, I plan to depict one of the earliest machines which would have been delivered (possibly to an OCU unit). Considering an Entry into Service in the early 70s I imagine a camo of glossy DSG/DG/LAG with Type D roundels would be appropriate. ECM gear Is it known if the UK would have used any ECM pods on the Merlin? And if so, would they be of US origin? The kit provides the AN/ALQ-87 which seems appropriate for the early 70s. Refueling point: Would the original boom refueling point be retained, or was it removed altogether? Trainer: Would the TF-111K be fully combat capable or were there any significant differences except for the second stick in the cockpit? Weapons: Is it known which UK-specific weapons were to be integrated? Would the 20mm cannon be purchased? Thanks! Cheers Markus
  15. Hi @cherisy, can't really help you with specific suggestions as I mainly use Gunze and match them by eye. If you don't mind using other paint brands you can try to get specific colour sets for Soviet aircraft like from AKAN. Otherwise, you may find this colour match chart useful: https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/su-17/su-17_profile04.shtml Another help may be pictures of the real machine in order to match colours. If you follow this link, select "Su-17M4" from the menu on the left and go to page 4 and 5 you'll find pictures of the machine in question: https://www.16va.be/galeries_vvs/su-17/imgcol/index.html Cheers Markus
  16. Oh my, a real stunner. The faired in cockpit glazing creates a really sleek and aesthetically very pleasing airframe. Une vraie beauté Cheers Markus
  17. Then I wholeheartedly suggest https://modellcenter-austria.com/ , my 'main' hobby shop and my main source for MRP paints. Absolutely recommended. I see we share the same weak spots (being of Soviet origin helps too) Cheers Markus
  18. Wow, great detailing and weathering A very catchy 'camouflage', were these some exercise or display team markings? Cheers Markus
  19. Hi Jerzy, great build, the Amiot 350-series belong to the most beautiful designs ever made. Hard to believe the same people designed flying shoeboxes just a few years before. Extra points for doing a Mach 2 kit and getting something so nice out of it. Cheers Markus
  20. Beautiful build. Crop dusters are not that often seen (guess because almost none are available) and being scratch built too I simply had to follow your build. Really impressive Cheers Markus
  21. Many thanks for posting. I see you did her late in her career when used by the aerial gunnery school in Værløse. I think the late day fighter camo suits her really well and your build and diorama are gorgeous Yes, the Fw 187 has a quite interesting history. Originally designed as a single-seat, two-engined fighter it was quite fast and manoeuvrable. Soon Kurt Tank redesigned it into a two-seater as the conservative aeronautical circles deemed that a single seat fighter should have one engine only. Even with an additional radio operator/gunner it showed better performance than the Bf 110 but Messerschmitt simply had more political weight at that time. The 6th prototype was fitted with more powerful DB600 engines with special pressure cooling in order to gain the speed record. It reached 635 km/h (395 mph) in tests but further attempts were stopped as the Me 209 was destined to win the record for Germany. In the following years Focke Wulf repeatedly tried to offer improved version (fighter, fighter-bomber, dive-bomber) to the RLM, featuring different engines like the DB601, DB605 and BMW801. In the end, focus shifted to the Ta 154 because of its use of non-strategic wood. Cheers Markus
  22. Interesting idea, do you want to limit the GB to a specific kit (and scale) or maybe define a specific kit for each major scale (1/72, 1/48, 1/32) in order to make it more inclusive? Of course that limits the subject a bit but may ensure more potential participants. Cheers Markus
  23. That's a very atmospheric diorama and a really inspirational build. I've silently followed your WIP and really like how you turned the old Lindberg kit into this little jewel Cheers Markus
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