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  1. Very nice Quite a bit of work but a unique subject. Seems the worst is already behind you. Having some FM kits myself I'm wondering how your decals behaved? Cheers Markus
  2. Hi @Icarus, nice start on your Rafale. Having a soft spot for prototypes, I'm eager to see what you will do with the Heller kit. If you need cockpit photos for the Rafale A, I think this is what you are looking for: https://www.museeairespace.fr/aller-plus-haut/panoramas-360/360-cabines-de-pilotage/panorama-360-rafale-a/ Cheers Markus
  3. Congratulations to Eduard for choosing a Japanese subject for their 'full Monty' treatment. While Japan was a major power in WW2, they are severely underrepresented in the modelling world. If you look at the contest tables or (western) modelling forums, you'll see predominantly German, US, and British subjects, followed by the Russians and only then come the Italians and even farther behind are the Japanese. You'll even see more Luft46 stuff than Japanese sometimes. Therefore, I'm happy to see a recent, new tool Rei-sen family. The A6M2 (to be converted into an A6M1), A6M2-N and A6M2-K are already must-buy for me Cheers Markus
  4. Hi @Hampshirehog222, according to this thread the olive green was the same on all aircraft, a local color which equals FS14079: Cheers Markus
  5. Hi @raftav, hard to see if the airframe you linked is based on an Il-28R (longer nacelle, larger wheels). The 'tanks' are colored green at their tips like the radar radome, indicating dielectric panels. Most likely these are some kind of locally designed pods containing ECM or recce gear. So it could be a standard bomber, just locally modified. Cheers Markus
  6. I'm loving what you do with this kit. Every update is a pleasure and well worth the wait! Cheers Markus
  7. Great subject, your client really has an elaborated taste Looks like you will finish this kit soon. Cheers Markus
  8. Hi Andy, reason is quite simple, actually. In order to make the vinyl tires flexible, softening agents are added to the material. These agents degas over time, making the tires more brittle and react with other plastic parts they touch (e.g. the wheel hubs). There they do their job and soften (melt) them. Some modellers apply paint, a clear coat or even bare metal foil to act as a barrier between vinyl and common plastic parts. For the same reason seals or O-rings get brittle over time, their softening agent degas with time. Btw., great start on your Jug Cheers Markus
  9. She looks really sinister in this dark grey scheme, but it suits her. Impressive how you crank out all these Amonster kits in short time Hope the nose gear won't collapse under the weight. Cheers Markus
  10. Great work Always inspirational to see a good scratch build in progress. Cheers Markus
  11. Really inspirational Steve. Impressive what can be created out of a piece of wood Cheers Markus
  12. Cool, that must be the first time I see this kit being built. Quite a big and rare beast and a lot of resin. Looking forward to the next update Cheers Markus
  13. Same here. When the second attempt to post failed, I closed the tab, 'liked' a post as described above, and this time it worked. Still, I get this problem every single time I log in and try to post, which it is really annoying. It started when the forum changed to use the email address to sign in. Cheers Markus
  14. Hi @RainierHooker, what a coincidence as I was asking myself the same question just a few days ago as I've just purchased the Flashback Me 163A. As you may have discovered, too, sources give a variety of possibilities. Older publications seem to favour RLM02, while more recent ones suggest KE+SW as RLM76 and later prototypes in RLM02. MMP's SpotlightOn for the Me 163 even suggests RLM76 for all A-series and B-series prototypes: https://www.super-hobby.de/products/Messerschmitt-Me-163-Komet-29791814.html I've tried to look at photographs of various nightfighters to get a "feel" for the contrast between the RLM76 and the white of the markings, but even there one can observe quite a range of contrasts. Looking at various pics of A-series airframes, they consistently look very light coloured which could suggest RLM76. But most of them were polished to a mirror-like finish which would reflect more light and make the colour appear lighter than it is in photographs. So RLM02 is still possible. You've already made your choice with a considerably lightened RLM02 and this is the route I will go too. While RLM76 is still a possibility, RLM02 is much more probable considering it was used as a colour on various prototypes across different manufacturers. And as the A-series machines surfaces were carefully polished it would explain why it looks so light in a lot of photos. Cheers Markus
  15. Oh my, AMP has done it again. They target my wallet with the precision of a cruise missile Seems my Revell kit, which I finally managed to hunt down after a long time, will not be built anytime soon...well played AMP.
  16. Great build I was hoping someone builds one as soon as it was released. Would also be interested how you rate the kit, as the Osprey really temps me but the HB kit is not exactly on the cheap side. Cheers Markus
  17. Hi Nenad, a splendid Veltro. You certainly have talent for flying thingies As others have said, thinner aerials are the only thing I would consider redoing on this otherwise great build. Cheers Markus
  18. Came across this yesterday and reminded me of this thread. Top-notch facility management services for sure Cheers Markus
  19. Hi, for conversions I only know of two items, both currently OOP: Jeshs Conversion Factory: https://www.oldmodelkits.com/index.php?detail=6091&page=1 Model Maker: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234961947-148-messerschmitt-bf109g-0-v-48-v-tail-resin-conv-set-by-model-maker/ The Gartex (Hasegawa) kit may only available via second-hand market with some luck: https://www.scalemates.com/de/kits/gartex-ga-10-messerschmitt-bf109g-03-v-tail--179386 So it seems there is nothing readily available at the moment and you have to keep an eye on the second-hand marked if you want to build this specific machine. Only in 1/72 a kit (AZ) seems to be in production now. Cheers Markus
  20. There goes the 'no new kit this year' resolution (they know my one weakness: That I'm weak!)
  21. I don't want to be pedantic and maybe someone will correct me, but shouldn't Version B read just "Army Air Corps"? As far as I understand, it is just the British Army (the "Royal" prefix is reserved for certain regiments, earned for exemplary service) due to the historic origin of how it is composed (individual regiments were raised by named individuals on behalf of the Sovereign in case of need), right? Cheers Markus
  22. Hi Eng, fantastic display, looks really dynamic Cheers Markus
  23. Hi Mathy, your Yak came out really excellent, well done May I ask how you've weathered the upper surfaces? And what do you think about the kit? Anything to watch out during the build? Thanks! Cheers Markus
  24. Shorty84

    Covid Jab

    Got my second jab with Moderna last week. While it is said that the side effects are more intense after the 2nd shot they were even less severe this time. Except for one day with a slightly sore arm and a bit of headache, everything was fine. So there is the slim chance I'm able to travel a bit this summer, except Delta throws a spanner in the works. Quite funny, a few days later I received a notification from the Health Service of my hometown that I finally can book an appointment...for my first shot. Thanks... not Cheers Markus
  25. Not directly, from what I've read in the various discussions KH sits a huge backlog of kits in their warehouse as demand from retailers was only a fraction of what was assumed. Why this is the case (did retailers cut back their orders? And if yes, why?), no idea. But it seems production outstripped demand by a huge margin lately (on the, now closed, Facebook page KH assumed it will take them 1 year to sell off their stock of remaining kits).
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