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  1. Amazing demonstration of skills and patience. Gerry
  2. I've had this kit collecting dust for a while and am stealing ideas collecting useful tips from wherever I can. Just consider me to be another one of those unknown shadows appearing over your shoulder while you sweat work your way, undisturbed from outside attention, through this build. Gerry
  3. @Andy G Just visited your web site, looks interesting except for the fact that just about every link under "Information" returns an error message: Gerry
  4. Very sorry to read about your loss Thierry. My condolences to you and your family. Gerry
  5. If there's one thing that the Germans are good at it's bureaucracy. Be thankful that you're not living here during this Covid-19 nightmare, the "rules/suggestions" differ from one federal State to the next, and sometimes even from city to city. Gerry
  6. I prefer doing business through a separate, certified, online store and never visit that area of the Internet. Gerry
  7. Thank you for the reply Duncan. Pity about the low sales figures though, I've used several of their paints and can't complain about the quality. Even at reduced prices the postage to Germany would most likely not result in a net saving for me compared with buying them here. Gerry
  8. I had a look at the "Killer Kits" web site. My experience, and that of a few others, can be read about in the thread linked to below. Gerry
  9. Burning curiosity here. May I ask why you will not be selling these products in the future? Gerry
  10. After reading the about the model from "Killer Kits" in the thread linked to below I decided to have a look for the company mentioned as I had never heard of them before. The first thing to catch my eye on the main web page was that they live in the Stone Age when it comes to payment methods, but that's a subject on it's own. More importantly for me is the fact that as soon as I clicked on one of the model section links my system got literally blasted with Spam windows to the point that I had to do a forced shut down of the system to get out of the situation. The untold number of new Browser windows opening were all for various film sites wanting money from me to take out a subscription to view the products on offer. I would urge caution before even thinking of visiting the internet site of said company. Gerry
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