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  1. Much appreciated Arjan was just checking I have this pic too oversight on my half blind to it after lookin at so many pictures thanks for the info will have to buy the S-38 later Thanks again Jim
  2. Thanks Arjan like you I have been searching fo some pics of the quad 2cm flakvierling as thought it would be a little different to build I know of revells 1/72 version exists and have read about this version being built but no pictures of the actual version to work from any help on this matter would be gratefully recieved Jim
  3. Thanks for the heads up Greg some of pics I have of the S-100 don't show the strakes so will tread carefully
  4. Hi Greg recently came across this build thread with an eager interest as building the italeri S-100 (1/35) as to hairspray chipping which is new to me as well I did just the same as you but second time around gave a clear gloss coat before over spraying worked great came up lovely this time Also interesting to read about the strake on the front will be taking mine off shortly as I'm almost ready (next few days) for the black primer oh and mine will be a static build so will be carrying on reading this thread with a vested interest cheers jim
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