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  1. The EVA windows in the fwd bulkhead were too far apart, so I repositioned 'em ... Added styrene bits to patch various notches ... Made the Payload Retention Mechanisms and added some styrene pegs to the bulkheads for the handholds ... Added some details to the kit's SSMEs with copper wire ... Formed a new interior of the Payload Bay ... And the result ... As this is going to show an on-orbit situation, and the elevons were free-floating, I cut them off the kit's wings to reposition them ... Next up will be a piece of payload. This mission also captured and repaired the Solar Max satellite and the fixture that retained the satellite during repairs needed to be built too. IPD
  2. This'll be the Tamiya 1/100 Space Shuttle kit depicting the deployment of the LDEF, the Long Duration Exposure Facility. Gluing the fuselage halves ... The Payload Bay will be open and the kit's PB is quite inaccurate ... so I shall rework it ... a little. And rather than semi-circular, it's cross section is more elliptical, but I'll work with this .. The aft end needs to be squared off on the bottom, so I cut out a section ... Reinforcing the seam of the fuselage The OMS pods had a lotta parts and the fit was ... poor. The various subassemblies Starting the build of the LDEF. The forward and aft bulkheads ... One of the references ... The kit had a piece of cargo which I may use to depict the capture hardware in the aft end of the Payload Bay. IPD
  3. Thanx very much gents for your comments and visits!!
  4. Adding Decals ... I used squares of household Aluminum foil to indicate the access panels ... Almost Done ... Making and placing the handholds on the SIM Bay There's another Heat Shield at the base of the SPS engine bell. This was made with styrene bits and Milliput and sanded to shape and covered with Gold foil. The scratch built Umbilical housing was shimmed and attached ... And done! I haven't yet decided how to display this diorama. The LRV is a 3D print from Vincent Meens ... On to the next build! IPD
  5. I guess, there are two reasons ... 1. if it is indeed their error they need to fix it. If it's MY error in placing the decals, then I need to know that, with a new sheet. 2. The decal film/paper I have, is awful stuff. It's called Papilio and it's thick and not designed for use on scale models ... more likely useful for pix of pets on Coffee Mugs and kid's wagons. Plus, I erred in the placement of the tile Decals on the nose and I want to repair that. So, still waiting for the new decal sheet ... IPD
  6. I have done NOTHING on this kit ... I ordered a set of BURAN decals from Andrey and he mailed 'em in early March. Just a couple of days ago, I was going to email him and ask if he had indeed sent them, because I haven't received them. But his tracking number, indicated that it entered the Russian mail system in early March and, I suppose, it's delivery to near Toronto, has been delayed due to this ... situation. This BURAN has been put on the back burner as I'm building 2 or 3 other models ... but my fingers are crossed that the Decal sheet will be delivered ... at some point in the near future! IPD
  7. Adding the large Radiator panels to the SM ... Added some rivets. They're Rivet decals from Archer. Adding some details to the Hi-Gain antenna ... Sprayed some Gloss Black onto the CM in preparation for some Chrome paint. White Primer on the SM ... Then Aluminum paint on the SM ... Masking the SPS engine bell ... Two tones ... And it's getting closer to completion ... IPD
  8. INCREDIBLE! You are indeed the Lord of the Rings! Your patience and precision are displayed perfectly in this application of this delicate texture. When you say the tape is glued on, do you, in fact, glue the tape or are you referring to the tape's adhesive? Either way ... this is spectacular! Well done Frodo! IPD
  9. The only solution I see is ... less talk-talk and more build-build ... Adding some PE to the RCS housings ... Onto the High Gain antenna ... which need to be handbuilt. I used Mike Mackowski's CSM book and Vincent Means 3D views for reference ... New Ware's PE waiting to be used ... .... and done. ... reducing the stash the only way I know how ...( hint hint ) IPD
  10. Mapping out the location for the New Ware PE and Resin ... Attached the Resin radiators and PE .. This, in order for it to fit, needed to be cut out of the kit's SM The CMs hull glued onto the heat shield ... Then filling and sanding ... Adding the PE bits ... Getting there ... all the subassemblies dry fit. till next posting IPD
  11. A fixer-upper for sure! Masking off the SIM Bay so I can do some sanding ... Adding a strip of styrene to level out the rim ... It'll get filed and sanded soon Added another spacer for the Heat Shield ... With the new Heat Shield and Resin SPS engine bell ... test fitting Cutting a hole for the resin sextant ... The Resin casting had broken off so I repaired the lip with a strip of styrene ... the copper wire is my CA glue applicator Still filling newly discovered gaps in the Heat Shield ... ... and attached to the Service Module. IPD
  12. Some Resin goodies from New Ware ... Cutting out the Rendezvous window ... ... and with the resin installed ... ... a little putty ... ... the Battery installed ... just above my thumb. ... starting to build the MESA ... Thick Aluminium Foil pattern ... ... and attached. Notice the PE Radiator underneath. Installing the PE on the Landing Gear ... ... and wrapping the Primary struts ... This seam on the SM was gonna be 'fun'. I need to prevent all the dust from getting into the SIM Bay ... Putty and styrene scraps ... Till next posting ... IPD
  13. Continuing with the SIM Bay ... ...with some paint and foil ... ... and dry fit into the SM. Starting on the docking Probe on the CM ... ... and almost done. Then the Docking Collar ... There are gaps galore that will be dealt with ... Getting started on the LM ... by removing the hatch. It'll get replaced with a PE part. The new hatch is from New Ware and ... I didn't have to cut out the kit's hatch, this one just slipped right over it, and the fit is excellent! Shaving off the incorrect kit details. And giving the Resin and PE a cleansing bath ... Till next posting IPD
  14. Making the SIM Bay, I used a couple kit shelves and made a couple of my own ... ... dry fit ... The Heat Shield is next up. I needed a spacer between the kit and the new part ... The Heat Shield itself is stacks of styrene strip. A lotta test fitting and trimming was required. Scored the surface texture ... The rough parts ... A little filler ... Getting there ... the new umbilical housing was made too ... Still a lotta finessing to do, but this'll do for now. Getting started on the SIM Bay components. Reference images ... The foot restraint ... Still a lo-o-ong way to go ... IPD
  15. Thanx for taking a look, TonyC and Michael! I enjoy rebuilding an old, broken model. I don't try to be really accurate, but just scratch building enough to give the impression of accuracy ... something like the SIM Bay from scratch is quite satisfying. The shelves for the SIM Bay were cut out ... The Command Module was disassembled ... ... and 2 windows needed to be relocated. Using Dymo tape as a guide they'll be moved down a millimetre or 2. The umbilical connection was cut out as well. I had to sand off the surface detail on the top of the quad ... as well as all over rest of the Service Module's panels ... Mapping out the cut. I spent quite some time determining on which quad of the SM to place the SIM Bay Cutting a new SIM Bay. Removing the old RCS bits ... The nose of the CM had to be cut off by 10mm or so ... you can also see where I've removed the Block 1's umbilical connection and patched the hole with styrene. Clamping the SM panels ... A new Heat Shield will need to be built. This is an enlarged sketch from Mike Mackowski's "Space In Miniature" series, I'll use as reference. After the nose was cut off, I used a disc of styrene to cover the opening. And due to the poor fit of the kit's parts, some sanding was required. I fill wider gaps with scraps of styrene ... ... and a new hatch had to be built. Till next time IPD
  16. This is an eBay find and as you can see it was quite derelict. It's the 1968 kit from Revell and was their 1/48 Apollo Lunar Spacecraft. I'll cut out the SIM Bay and scratch build the components and accurize both the LM and CSM. I won't be using the SLA. This kit had an opening panel on the Service Module so that we could the internal fuel tanks ... this will be the SIM Bay. The Heat Shield wasn't included in this eBay find so that will have to be created. The SPS engine bell will need those 3 ribs removed too ... The Command Module had no hatch plus, it will be brought up to a Block 2 configuration. I started scraping off the ancient glue ... The seams are amazing ... but it takes me back to when this kit first came out, I built the whole thing in an afternoon not being concerned with these seams or overall awful fit of the parts. This build will take just a bit longer to complete! I'll be using Resin and PE from New Ware ... That'll do for now ... till next post1 IPD
  17. This looks ... um ... FANTASTIC! The PE really enhances this kit and you've done a terrific job on it!
  18. The decals were made by a fellow modeller on another forum and this set was a Beta test for him. He was creating these 3 or 4 years ago, wanted to check the fit and ... then life got in the way and he hasn't done anything further on 'em. A few years ago, a modeller from UK, his avatar is Saturnapollo created some realistic looking belly tiles, but I think those too are out of production. I'll take a peek at your GB.
  19. ...and Done! This was a nice quick build and I quite enjoy building a Shuttle with the Payload Bay exposed. All that equipment offers the opportunity to add detail. I don't understand the modellers who choose to display the Shuttle with the doors closed up ... yes, it's easier, but ...where's the fun? Thanx for visiting! IPD
  20. The decals are a combination of the kit's and JBOT Masking ... ... applying decals ... ... decals for the blanket texture on the tail ... ... the lovely belly decal ... ... time to clamp the doors on ... ... and almost done. IPD
  21. ... and continuing ... I marked the sections of the PB. I'll use styrene strips to separate 'em ... Some junction boxes made from bits of styrene ... ... and attached. Along with some PE details. ... added the rests for the RMS, the Remote Manipulator System or the Canadarm. I made a new RMS from tubing. The kit piece is below it. This way I can pose the Canadarm. This is moving right along ... thanx for visiting! IPD
  22. New Ware has some PE for the REVELL Shuttle which I'll use for this Airfix ... the fit should be close ... Some filler after the first sanding ... Plugging some holes for the fuel on the belly ... Using New Ware's PE for the Payload Bay doors ... they look great, but are just a little short. Too bad they'll be covered up with Radiator panels. A map of the bulkheads was supplied for placement of the grab handles ... I cut it out and stuck it on ... This is the Aft bulkhead And Forward bulkhead And the handles are on
  23. Assembling the Orbiter. I should mention that this will be JUST the Orbiter, no SRBs or BIG fuel tank ... Drilling out the RCS thrusters ... Needs just a bit o' putty ... Clamping on the wings ... To fit in the drogue chute compartment, I cut a notch in the tail ... Attached and the seam was filled ... The fit of the belly was what I expected ... a little filing and sanding and it'll look just fine. I fill some seams with small bits of scrap styrene ... Gap between fuselage and wings ... ... filled with styrene strips. I'll wait till they're dry, trim 'em, sand 'em and because the PB doors will be open, it won't even be seen ... The poor fit of the chine will be filed down and sanded ... eezy peezy! Gap filling with scraps on the fwd bulkhead ... ... and puttied ... And that'll do it for now IPD
  24. I've built a few Space Shuttles and they are all poorly made kits, lots of gaps and poor fitting parts, but, I get my funn in trying to make it look ... better. I wanna give this a try ... I would like to have the Payload Bay doors open and an empty Bay ... this kit's PB comes loaded so I'll hafta cut it apart. I'll keep the forward and Aft bulkheads and rebuild the rest ... To form the Payload Bay, I formed a sheet of styrene, by dipping it in boiling water and wrapping it around a tube ... Two styrene circles will add a bit of support to the PB. They'll be glued to the bulkheads. A notch needs to be cut in the aft portion ... EVA windows have to be opened in the fwd bulkhead ... And it's coming together nicely ... ... till next post ... IPD
  25. I increased the size of the base and then took some pix with Lake Ontario in the background ... This is good enough for me ... it's unique, I haven't seen one in 1/24 before and ... I learned a lot from this build ... and I'm quite happy with the way this turned out. Tzulscha, you asked how many of these kits I had, 3. 2 were poorly prebuilt garbage from eBay and one was bought new ... but I have none left and I think the Gemini topic has been satisfied with me! Thanx for tagging along on this build! IPD
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