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  1. Some pix of the completed model ... ... and this image inspired this build of mine. I do like the way it turned out.
  2. With all the necessary sanding, the windows had thinned down to a point where I punched through it ... Using scraps of styrene the hole was filled ... ... putty was used to fill the smaller divots ... And after the patch was done, I prepped the nose to be scored to illustrate the tiles. It was easier to score 'em by hand. Yes, they're outta scale a bit, but, they're close enough for me. Starting to add decals ... Then glued on the Payload Bay doors ... ... and it's just about done ...
  3. To replicate the blankets, I use First Aid Tape, 2 different textures. Cut them out individually and stick 'em down ... Using a photocopied guide ... Attached the SSMEs ... This decal material is awful ... The homemade decal printed out alright but ... ... it didn't adhere to the plastic. My thumb is under the applied decal. I discovered the poor adhesion by blowing on it, and it lifted. It was all sealed with Future, but still ... Adding the tiles to the OMS pods ... Adding tiles to front section ... ... and added some details to the Payload Bay ... Getting closer to the finish line ... IPD
  4. The Repair Fixture was glued in ... And Masking for Paint ... To get the pattern for the Hatch, I cut through the paper to the tape under it ... During a sanding, the window got pushed in and a couple of styrene strips were glued in to add a little more bite. The belly was sprayed Grey in prep for the lovely decals ... After repainting the window, the nose cap got some paint too ... The nose gear door decals didn't quite fit, but with a little paint the gap was touched up ... Till next post .. IPD
  5. Guten Morgen Manfred ... let's keep this little secret to ourselves!
  6. The LDEF took a lot of sanding sessions ... Ready for a little primer ... ... and some more sanding ... This is the Map for the various Materials to be attached to the LDEF ... ... and my homemade decals ... after a lot of researching ... ... attaching the decals ... The decal paper/film, in the background, is garbage. The decals' adhesive was poor, the film was very thick and didn't conform to surface detail ... this awful paper made this more like work than fun ... That'll do for now! till next posting! IPD
  7. The radiator panels on the Payload Bay doors were made from grooved Evergreen sheet. Using some tubing and some clamps, the panels were glued to the kit's doors. The kit's Radiator panels were nice but completely inaccurate. Using 0.020" styrene rod, I made the handholds. They are on a sheet of waxed paper for gluing. Installing the handholds ... and DONE. ... onto the LDEF ...
  8. Puttying the belly for the first time ... After the 2nd sanding ... the fit of this kit is par for the course ... poor, but entirely fixable. Adding little supports or fairings to the base of the Tail Filling and sanding the Chines ... Sanding the window seams ... I put on a sacrificial decal to protect the clear plastic ... Bulkheads are done ... Free Floating elevons ... Adding some detail to the Aft fixture ... Next up will be the Payload Bay doors and the LDEF itself ... IPD
  9. Thanx Keith ... but not necessary. I've got pul-enty of images and have to create my own decal of each material on the LDEF too, so the images I've accumulated will suffice. The cockpit won't be visible but I applied the kit's Instrument Panel decals anyway. Just for the fun of it! To try to replicate the Insulation batting on the Payload Bay surfaces, I like to use Grocery Bag plastic ... cut in small squares and applied with One Coat Rubber Cement. The Fwd bulkhead after the texturing ... The Aft bulkhead after applying the grocery bag plastic ... The End Effector from the kit has a claw ... this needs to be reworked. The new End Effector is at lower left and the RMS ( Remote Manipulator System ) has been modified and accurized. I also built the Ku Band antenna and have two tiny cameras made for the PB bulkheads. Clamping the multi piece OMS pods ... The poor fit kind of surprised me ... but with some filing and sanding, it'll look just fine! Filling the gaps with scraps of styrene ... ... and putty ... Adding some attaching plates to the cockpit window ... yes, the kit windows are blue ... Attaching the bulkhead ... Filling the gaps in the belly ... with a little bit of elbow grease, this'll get done too! Till next post IPD
  10. The fixture in the aft area of the Payload Bay needs to be built ... using a kit part of Spacelab and a sketch in Illustrator glued onto a sheet of styrene ... Here's a ref photo ... Dry fitting of the Payload Bay The EVA windows are getting patched because I won't use the kit's glass ... just a decal. The gap between fuselage and wings were filled sith strips of styrene ... filed and sanded. Till next post IPD
  11. The EVA windows in the fwd bulkhead were too far apart, so I repositioned 'em ... Added styrene bits to patch various notches ... Made the Payload Retention Mechanisms and added some styrene pegs to the bulkheads for the handholds ... Added some details to the kit's SSMEs with copper wire ... Formed a new interior of the Payload Bay ... And the result ... As this is going to show an on-orbit situation, and the elevons were free-floating, I cut them off the kit's wings to reposition them ... Next up will be a piece of payload. This mission also captured and repaired the Solar Max satellite and the fixture that retained the satellite during repairs needed to be built too. IPD
  12. This'll be the Tamiya 1/100 Space Shuttle kit depicting the deployment of the LDEF, the Long Duration Exposure Facility. Gluing the fuselage halves ... The Payload Bay will be open and the kit's PB is quite inaccurate ... so I shall rework it ... a little. And rather than semi-circular, it's cross section is more elliptical, but I'll work with this .. The aft end needs to be squared off on the bottom, so I cut out a section ... Reinforcing the seam of the fuselage The OMS pods had a lotta parts and the fit was ... poor. The various subassemblies Starting the build of the LDEF. The forward and aft bulkheads ... One of the references ... The kit had a piece of cargo which I may use to depict the capture hardware in the aft end of the Payload Bay. IPD
  13. Thanx very much gents for your comments and visits!!
  14. Adding Decals ... I used squares of household Aluminum foil to indicate the access panels ... Almost Done ... Making and placing the handholds on the SIM Bay There's another Heat Shield at the base of the SPS engine bell. This was made with styrene bits and Milliput and sanded to shape and covered with Gold foil. The scratch built Umbilical housing was shimmed and attached ... And done! I haven't yet decided how to display this diorama. The LRV is a 3D print from Vincent Meens ... On to the next build! IPD
  15. I guess, there are two reasons ... 1. if it is indeed their error they need to fix it. If it's MY error in placing the decals, then I need to know that, with a new sheet. 2. The decal film/paper I have, is awful stuff. It's called Papilio and it's thick and not designed for use on scale models ... more likely useful for pix of pets on Coffee Mugs and kid's wagons. Plus, I erred in the placement of the tile Decals on the nose and I want to repair that. So, still waiting for the new decal sheet ... IPD
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