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  1. Before I continue with the turret I managed to come across this brilliant picture that sealed the deal on what exact tank I was about to build. Green-white camo with black spots was always the plan, but this one looks just ace. Only problem was the fact that I had the fenders and sideskirts all done and glued together. One hour (probably a little less than that) later and all work was done. Trumpeter does help you here as the individual "panels" are nicely scored, so I only had to follow the line both outside and inside - the line inside was extremely helpful as I did not have to deal with the little locks on the outside. For the front part I followed a couple of pictures of the abandoned/captured T-64s from Oryx, but in the end it's not really a rocket science - again Trumpeter does help here and you just have to follow the lines with your saw. For a little moment I was considering cutting the other front fender as well, but in the end I do like the asymmetrical look. One final step was to trim the fuel drum holders - this also means I won't have to fill and sand them - big hooray! So that's it for now, field modifications have been applied and next time I'll tackle the turret! I will also need to look for some nice civilian looking stowage for the turret.
  2. Seems like everyone's building modern and Ukrainian armor these days, right? Did I have this model in my stash for ages? Not really, just had to hop on the bandwagon. Plus I've just recently finished Trumpeter's Stryker and absolutely loved it and had to build more Trumpeter kits. So here we go, T-64BM Bulat OOTB. I wanted something Ukrainian, I was looking at this one and the T-84BM Oplot and in the end it was this little detail in the instructions that caught my eye. 125 super tiny PE discs that go onto the turret? I absolutely have to do that! Bottom part of the hull is a walk in the park, the suspension arms fit perfectly, so aligning them is no trouble at all. Funny thing with the upper part of the hull, where the instructions indicate only certain holes are to be drilled - however that is not the case and you will need all of them. Putting the two halves together - again no issues and suddenly you have a tank in front of you! Afterwards the first PE comes into play - the usual engine covers. Noteworthy thing here at the back of the hull - the rubbery skirts or whatever they are - the third one should be heavily twisted to allow placement of one of the fuel drums, however even after applying a lot of brute force I was not able to twist it sufficiently so I opted to cut it a bit instead... The fenders and side skirts - so far the only mishap of my build where I've glued one of the sideskirts "holders" in a wrong position, but luckily noticed this before the glue has set and I was able to correct it. Tracks are a mix of straight pieces and individual links and again, it's just about patience here. However as I wasn't really thinking here, the fact that I've glued the sideskirts to the fenders I will have an issue with how the tracks will be put on after painting. The Current plan is to not glue the fenders with side skirts, paint the model with them attached and only after all the painting and weathering will be done, attach the tracks and fenders as last. Onto the turret then!
  3. So here we go, first day with the Crusader The actual removal of the flaps turned out not to be an issue really - in the end approximately 45 minutes of careful, patient work with a new blade and they went off pretty smoothly. There this that tiny 'teeth' close to the fuselage that is kinda rough, but it doesn't look like anything a piece of putty shouldn't fix. The next challenge will be how to actually attach the new flaps - that is something I've not yet figured out. I have also cleaned out all the remaining resin parts - the resin nozzle really looks great not to mention the super delicate photoetch ring that will go inside. On to the actual build then - Taking the Quickboost seat I've soon realized it's bottom is a bit too big for the original cockpit tube, so some careful sanding of the wonderfully cast seat had to happen for it to slide in smoothly. I've also sanded all the instrument panels and the 'panel' behind the seat where the coloured PE panels will go - here I've actually managed to stab myself in the thumb, something that hasn't happened to me in quite some time :D. The PE set requires also some trimming of the inside of the cockpit walls so the bended part fits inside - instructions talk about 1mm of plastic to be removed, but in the end I've just carefuly sanded and checked and sanded and checked until the PE piece fell right into its place. After that I tackled the landing gear well - here some sanding had to occur in order for the well to fit inside the fuselage, but no major fuss. And that's it for now -next step primer and Gunze H317 for the cockpit.
  4. After planning to build an airplane after a while spent pretty much exclusively with 28mm wargaming figures and armor, me and my friend decided to tackle this lovely kit from Academy in a parallel build starting on May 1st. Dalibor's build can be seen here: My original plan was for this to be straight out of the box build, however one thing lead to another and here's the (for now) complete list of aftermarket detail set: Quickboost Flaps Quickboost Ejection seat Eduard PE Zoom set Aires Exhaust nozzle Master Model pitot tube (not pictured, currently in transport) The plan is to build this as the second decal option out of the box - VF-103 Sluggers BuNo 150303/AJ-201 | USS Forrestal 1964 The flaps are pictured after I've already cleaned them as this was a bit of a worry - managing to cut them clear and not breaking/destroying them in the process. In the end it turned out to be a walk in the park and tehy really look ace. Next step will be the actual removal of the flaps that are part of the wing. So this is it for now. Tune in tomorrow for an update of the first day spent with this lovely kit.
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