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  1. Some parts are really out of scale, especially the meshes for the air vents, or are missing entirely! For example the connecting pipe from the tank cap to the tank at the front. The tank cap should be glued to the front hood? Which looks bad with the front hood open. With this model you have to check every detail carefully! Much is unusable - and would have been just better done on the styrene cast parts. the replaced meshes and added tank details.
  2. Hello Vesa, sorry for the late reply! The drive shafts are actually too short, a compromise because the front axle is steerable and the wheels are rotatable. However, this is hardly noticeable in the model.
  3. Good morning! After looking at my merciless macro photos i always get the urge to improve on these points. Maybe you should sand the hull again with light pressure. I've always had success with it! Regards Andreas
  4. rob, you have created another little masterpiece. Everything fits together so perfectly. I particularly like such unusual subjects!
  5. Here is a link to my previous post regarding this problem. Regards Andreas
  6. I had the same problem - the solution: "painted decals" paint transparent decal foil and cut thin strips. Apply this with the help of "Future".
  7. All generic decks are in rectangular shape and need to be cut. I recommend leaving a few mm so that you can sand them down exactly on the edge.
  8. As far as I can judge from the photos it is a relatively small model, Send me the measurements for the deck. I'll see if I have enough left - and might post it
  9. The deck is very thin and therefore a little transparent. It is therefore necessary to paint a white surface gray or brown. Superstructures should at least not be glued 100% to the deck. Regards Andreas
  10. Hello, I have used the generic wood deck (my first use ever of a wood deck) from Artwox which went on pretty well. But you should make sure that the deck is glued on without tension to avoid bulges and bubbles later. You can take a look at my recent post "work in progress". I would suggest printing the superstructures only 5mm flat to use them as a template to cut out the wood deck. Regards Andreas
  11. Hello Rob, It is always difficult to see the exact shape on transparent surfaces. but it looks miles better than the Italeri Lancia! By the way, the same problem is also noticeable on the photos, here in particular the windshield. The frame of the windows looks a little too lifted off. Therefore, these should only be visible with the decals. The decals might need to be changed/adjusted a bit. There was a Tamtech Lancia at the well known bidding platform for 600 $ from Japan ! Regards Andreas
  12. I am now working with BLENDER to get the Cockpit bubble in the right shape. But i have to get in to this software. It is really good for this kind of forms. I also ordered a SVG-file for this Lancia. I will keep you informed about my progress. Regards Andreas
  13. Hello Pascal, thanks for this background info, that explains everything. To the paying passengers must be offered a lot, Maybe you can also create the original version, it just has to be left out a bit more. And a few parts to be replaced.... Thanks Andreas
  14. Hello Pascal, If you keep it up, Hollywood will come knocking on your door. As far as my personal opinion, your so nicely detailed virtual model shows very clearly to me that the current owner has spoiled this beautiful ship with this luxury renovation. Regards Andreas PS: Sorry I exaggerated a bit
  15. Hello Tony. yes, the whole "bubble" will used as form for the vacuformed cockpit. The cockpit from the model should be sanded to match the vacuformed part, as it is very thick this should be no problem. Then the vacuformed part should be glued on and the gap should be filled with putty, At last the decal should be applied . This would be the simple way to eliminate the flaw of the original! Regards Andreas
  16. Hello Vesa, I designed the "cockpit bubble" in 3D. It consists of 8 elements to customize the whole piece. The windscreen was particularly difficult to fit in the correct shape. This is the biggest weak point of the model. This part is to be vacuformed, the internal parts (roll bar window cutouts etc.) should be printed with the body and the vacuformed part then glued on. I still have to make some adjustments, but overall it turned out quite well. It was not easy for me to model the bubble using photos. It would be easier if appropriate plans existed. But this design is very customizable/changeable. I will be happy about all comments Regards Andreas
  17. Nice and clean build, and good weathering! I really would like to sent you a small anchor chain to replace the one fitted! Just post me your address! Regards Andreas
  18. Hello Pascal. beside the rendering of all the details, the search for all that pictures/photographs you find on the net is impressing! It looks like you are building the current version of this wonderful vessel. Regards Andreas
  19. Hello Stuart, my first thought was to use very thin cigarette paper and stick it on with white glue. When I had applied the white adhesive, a very thin skin formed between the railing-bars, which were already very closely spaced. I then applied a 2nd layer (holes appeared in a few places) The adhesive held up well because the railing was already painted. When the white glue dried, I painted the whole thing with a slightly different shade of gray (stone grey), looks quite realistic! Regards Andreas
  20. Hello, I've made progress on the front superstructure. The so-called admiral's bridge is glued in place and the railings are covered with canvas. The windows look very good, especially the ones in front below. The life rafts are also 3D printed and look way better than the original parts. I used 2 different PE railings, the 3 bar railings from the original König detail set are very week and difficult to install. The other came from Seemann and are made of steel, hard to bent but very stable. The crane needs to be redesigned because the angle of the arm is different from the rear one. The design of the Kaiser class Battleships is very asymmetrical. Thanks for looking! Regards Andreas
  21. Normally i am not a fan of submarines, but these are really looking nice!
  22. Hello Vesa. got the price for scanning the body : 65,-- € must be sent by post. Working on the "cockpit bubble" Regards Andreas
  23. Hello Vince, the yellow one? Yes it is a Ford Granada Coupe. Thanks Andreas
  24. I would make the whole cockpit (from the front/bottom of the windscreen up to the line where the the rear engine cover (rear hood) begins. Take a look at the pictures of the link. Between the windscreen/ windows and the body there are only minimal gradations, it is impossible to achieve this with separate window parts. the entire cockpit is very smooth. It is impossible to achieve this with separate window parts. I am still I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do Regards Andreas
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