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  1. I also bought a Phrozen Mini 4K at 3D Jake, it was a special offer 20% discount. I also bought the Resin Aqua gray 4K and only paid the normal price for the printer. I'm currently testing. Has the print quality improved for you? Which settings are optimal? I think the slicer software plays a big role. Regards Andreas
  2. After a long stay in Italy, I'm back. Shortly before I left, I took advantage of an offer from 3D Jake and ordered a Phrozen Mini 4K. On my return I found the printer and 4 super-printed propellers from Iceman 29. I would like to thank Pascal very much!
  3. Here are pictures of the painted model, I used an aerosol can! I think the headlights and the black stripe on the body turned out quite well. Regards Andreas
  4. I have had the same problem. You may try to fold them up with small brush and water. remove the also with a fine brush. Regards Andreas
  5. Many thanks to cmatthewbacon for giving the missing instructions for the engine, which were missing!
  6. Since I usually build ships, sometimes I need something colorful! However, for me there is a huge difference between ship models and car models. My favorites are Group B Lancias. On the rally cars there are many stickers that cover weak points. There are no stickers on this model, so a big challenge for me. Here a interesting video: Thanks for looking! Regards Andreas
  7. Hello, I have made some progress with the bow area! Thanks for looking! Regards Andreas
  8. Thanks for the background info about these devices on the ships bow. You always provide us with these interesting technical ship details.
  9. I think this is the best car model I have ever seen, your attention to detail and subtle weathering is simply exceptional!
  10. A really extraordinary model like in a sales room of a Citroen branch in the ´50.
  11. Most of the mechanical parts can be used from the VW Beetle, which makes it easier to get it in to a running condition.
  12. I have bought the Ferrari 288 GTO from Fujimi Nice Kit - but there are no instructions for the engine which is included! This was the one and only Ferrari group B.
  13. Hello John, I have only build one resin kit ( Destroyer 1934A) with the same problems. To fill holes I use CA glue gel and put a little water on the CA. The CA reacts with water and quilts to form a thick, porous layer that can be easily sanded away. The CA is often harder than the resin, which makes sanding difficult. Regards Andreas
  14. Gidday to all! The anchors, chains and capstan wheels have been attached! There are already many small coal hatches glued on, but many are still missing. All the gun barrels are 3D printed, replacing the out of round, droopy, plastic original parts. The turrets are held magnetically on the barbettes and can be rotated. Thanks for looking and stay safe! Andreas
  15. Hello! I have made some progress: the upper deck is now glued on. It was not easy to to adapt the upper deck because of the casemats. they are rounded at the top. Due to the wooden deck, the construction stages were reversed than I would otherwise. There is still some fine-tuning to be done. I think it worked out quite well. thanks for looking! Regards Andreas
  16. Rob, another stunning built! Lovely details. The G-class destroyers look very good - one of my favorites.
  17. Despite the above mentioned points, these parts will be very expensive. and have to be packed together in terms of design to save costs. If you have parts printed for yourself, the restrictions are less than if they are sold to customers. I will also buy a 3D printer! (Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K). These 3 fantastic models show what is possible today with 3 D technology. Pascal proves this in an impressive way.
  18. I just have made some progress with the upper deck! It was not as easy as i thought due to the asymmetrical design of the casemates of the mid artillery. Here are some pic`s of the test fit, The scratch build is already finished, now only the 3D printed parts have to be attached. Thanks for looking! Regards Andreas
  19. Hello, I have built the Lancia Delta S4 it has some issues which i referred in my post: Regards Andreas
  20. I got the same opinion! Will follow this interesting building.
  21. Hello Foeth! I could never scratch build these incredibly small parts - that's why I print them in 3D. I believe your model will far outperform any kit for sale! Thanks for sharing! Andreas
  22. After I have glued the wooden deck on, I would like to tell you about my experiences. I used a wooden deck for the first time. With such an genuine deck (not pre-cut) you should remove all deck details - it is almost impossible to cut these small pieces out properly! I 3D printed all that tiny deck details.(bollards, skylights, scuttles etc.) Since these decks are slightly transparent, the surface should be pre-painted! After sticking it on, I treated the deck 2 times with thinned FUTURE. This makes it easier to glue the details on, and it is also possible to remove acrylic paint again. Thanks for looking! Cheers Andreas
  23. I made some progress with the upper deck! Waiting for the 3D printed main and secondary guns, so i can install Casemate guns and fix the deck. The 3D printed bollards and a few skylights where also glued on the aft deck. The aft superstructure is also "virtually" on the bench! Regards Andreas
  24. Wow! What a fantastic model, the bodywork and the details. The engine is really stunning!
  25. Thick soot streaks on the underside of the wings were a special feature of the He 111 and the JuMo engines
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