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    I am club secretary of IPMS Romsey (Romsey Modellers) www.romseymodellers.co.uk where I also have the unenviable job of maintaining our web site and editing our club magazine.
    When not performing the above I generally model 1/72 or 1/48 aircraft

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  1. I've finally got around to completing the write up on these builds which you can find and download at http://www.romseymodellers.co.uk/magazine/the-romsey-modeller-2016/october-2016
  2. Oh and thank you to Paul Adams for taking some great photos at our last club meeting
  3. Thank you for the kind comments - it almost made 4 months of hell worth it ! As to which kit was better - they both disappointed as far as quality is concerned, modern kits just should not have as many sink marks and challenging fits as these two. The Airfix kit wins on interior detail but unless you do a cut away you can barely see it. The Revell kit has much better surface detail , but this does lead to difficulties in restoring it after the filling and sanding required to resolve the fit and sink marks, and as some pointed out the rivets are barely visible at 1/72. Overall they are very much a muchness. I personally prefer the Airfix but that really is based on the paint scheme which is much more interesting (and challenging), but it's a close call. I have written up some of the build in IPMS Romsey's Magazine (http://www.romseymodellers.co.uk/magazine/the-romsey-modeller-2016/August-2016 and http://www.romseymodellers.co.uk/magazine/the-romsey-modeller-2016/September-2016 ), the final installment will be published later in the month when I get around to write it.
  4. I have just completed a parallel build of Airfixs MR2 and Revell's AEW2 which seemed like a good idea when I started but ended up a bit of a slog , still I pleased with the result. Both models depict WR963 , the Airfix in MR2 guise and the Revell after she was converted to an AEW2
  5. Now I have built XN728 in her prime my next project will be her at the end of her life in a scrapyard off the A1
  6. I have just completed Airfix's new beauty... I have described the build in this month Romsey Modeller if you want to know more which can be downloaded ( for Free ) at http://www.romseymodellers.co.uk/magazine/the-romsey-modeller-2014/may-2014
  7. Idiot - I don't know how I managed to post this in work in progress - Mods please move to Ready for Inspection when convenient
  8. Here is my latest and greatest , Airfix's new Lancaster in Dambuster mode. I added plenty of etch , Airwaves resin engine and scratch built the rear fuselage interior It's not quite complete as I intend to weather it a bit more when I put it into a airfield diorama using the new airfield support set, but that will be some time off so enjoy for now...
  9. The latest edition of the clubs magazine The Romsey Modeller is now available for FREE download at February 2014 Contents§ Club News § BMW Z4 GT3 § Yeovilton FAA Museum Model Show § A pair of nicely feathered Hawks § Tank Museum Visit § Early Influences § Army Flying Museum Lecture § Merekat Scout Vehicle § P47D Bubbletop with severe cheating § Sd.Kfz10 with 2cm Flak § Club Diary 2014
  10. Mike, trouble is Roy is in Australia so it's a little tricky to contact him! I would also like to make it a surprise, I may be able to find more from his family. cheers Tony
  11. Mike, I will quiz my father further , it could have been the late 74 detachment. If I can't track it down I may look at modelling a aircraft from Portland or Culdrose (Yeovilton is also possible)
  12. Mike thanks for the info (so far ), having spoken to my dad it was 1975, when she visited Southampton, apparently at the time Roy was actually grounded due to some operational misdemeanor. He regained operational status short after and went on to fly Wessex 5s at Portland and Culdrose
  13. Richard : good thought on the FAA museum , I be there for the spring show in a few weeks. Mike, I suspect it was Portsmouth ( I live in Southampton ) but I can't be 100%
  14. I'm planning to build the Italeri Wessex HU.5 and I need some help identifying a particular aircraft / squadron that my fathers best mate Lt Cmdr Roy Taylor flew when based on HMS Fearless in the early 1970s. I remember touring Fearless around 1972 ( when I was 8 /9, it could have been later ) and getting to sit in the cockpit which at the time was a major event for me. Roy is currently quite ill and I plan to present the model to him once I complete it , any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the compliment, we were really pleased with the table for our first visit to SMW, we now have the challenge of bettering it next year!
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