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  1. The instructions call out Gun metal for this section but it looks far too dark compared to all the reference photos that i can find. Any thoughts?
  2. I restarted modelling after a very long break a few years ago. I went through a stage of buying kits far quicker than I could build them. This is a kit that I bought a few years ago off EBay. I finally decided to give it a go having got some experience with some more modern examples. So I was more than a little annoyed when I discovered that a previous owner had tried to make a start with the cockpit, made a bit of a hash of it a lost a few parts in the process. Serves me right for not actually checking the contents on receipt and believing the description on EBay!! This
  3. Post addition of the darker grey. Not the best of pictures.
  4. I completely agree with you that, at times, it can look over done and unrealistic. I was aiming for subtle variations which, with a few extra coats, I hope I'm getting somewhere. I am experimenting afterall.
  5. Not the best of lighting or photos but she is finally complete!
  6. The colour suggested by the Tamiya instructions is a 50:50 mix of white and sky grey. The about pictures a 3 coats of random lines. in the majority of reference photos that I've managed to find look relatively clean so I'm now debating whether or not to apply another coat before masking for the darker grey cammo pattern. Any thoughts?
  7. I've tried airbrushing the panel lines. a fine line between nothing and too much, plus I'm not sure I'll ever have a steady hand to paint a straight line.
  8. The intent is to airbrush the panel lines, the pencil is just for us old farts to see what we are doing
  9. The panel lines weren’t the easiest to see so I thought it might be a good idea to go over each one in pencil before bringing out the paint. There are a lot of panels on an F-15!
  10. As a relative new comer to Britmodeller I have been seriously impressed by the standard, especially skills with an airbrush. I decided it was time to try out some of the methods and techniques I have seen from looking through the amazing examples on this site. My guinea pig is a Tamiya F-15 Eagle that was part built some time ago and has been doing nothing apart from gathering dust. A quick wash and a coat of primer and we'll see what happens from here. Any tips and guidance gratefully received.
  11. The cockpit roof glass was just sprayed with Tamiya gloss back on the inside.
  12. Just realised that I missed painting some of the areas of black on the top of the cabin, there are decals but I prefer the painted look. This is going to be an interesting masking problem, advice definitely needed - apply a matt varnish to protect the rest of the decals first and then spray black or hope that any masking doesn't damage the decals already applied?
  13. After many hours of fitting hundreds of tiny black decals on a dark green model that will probably never be seen unless you have a magnifying glass, I think i am getting close to finishing. Its taken nearly 6 months and probably the best model i have built, but still lots of room for improvement.
  14. A few fine coats of gloss varnish, ready for decals.
  15. Build is now complete and ready for decals. Historically I would have just applied them but having followed a number of builds it would appear that the way to go is a gloss varnish before applying decals. Any advice from the far more skilled than I would be much appreciated.
  16. I fear I may have been a little heavy with the overall green and covered a lot of the shading, but looking at a few reference photos it appears that there tends to be different panels that are different shades of green. Worth a try. The engine exhausts are also definitely the wrong colour.
  17. A bit of a leap forward from the previous pictures. The cabin is complete and masked up for final painting. The fit of these parts was a bit of a struggle, a combination of a very precise kit and room for improvement on my part. Also my first attempts with a dual action airbrush after much practice on paper, definitely more practice required!
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