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  1. Great Model Stef, I really like the contrast between the weathered lower hull/turret and the clean upper hull/turret. Best of both worlds, Cheers, Ernst.
  2. Very convincing painting and weathering, I really like this style. Taking notes here. Looking forward for dio. Cheers, Ernst.
  3. Amazing work Francis, What a beast. Just to think that it's predecessor roamed the streets of Berlin in 45 must have send shock waves to the western allies. Your models keep on progressing, wonderful work mate, Cheers, Ernst.
  4. Very impressive modelling, an absolute joy to watch. I really like wood weathering. So many interesting details to grab your attention. Cheers, Ernst.
  5. Hi Francis, Good to hear from you again, when I have time I shall see into your previous work. I'm curious. I'm so busy right now but it's good. A Spanish colleague of mine, a former chef in a Spanish restaurant that I actually frequented 15 years ago turns out to be a modeller as well, armour in 1:72. Very proficient with excellent (hand) paining skills, I'll invite him to the forum as well. This hobby will always haunt me, it will never leave me alone. I wanted to diverge into maritime modelling earlier this year but in fact I'm building ships in 1:1 scale for work and I'm sailing them too, this is so much fun. Crazy world. Yes, I really like those models that make you think "what's the story behind this", it makes a model individual and interesting. So many approaches, respect to all of them. I hope you're doing fine and happy to see your next and previous work, Cheers, Ernst.
  6. Top job, as always. well researched. Excellent weathering job and photographed, Cheers, Ernst.
  7. Amazing work that shows some depth in terms of evolution of this magnificent beast when you see them side by side. That's some proper soft edge airbrushing skill. An excellent addition to your collection. Cheers, Ernst.
  8. This is a gift that keeps on giving, so many outstanding details with such precision. I love it, Cheers, Ernst.
  9. Great model of a quirky french tank heading for Compiegne. As usual exceptional painting skills, I really like the colour too and the presentation of course. Cheers, Ernst.
  10. Very well done, the addition of the chain really adds up. Lovely model, Cheers, Ernst.
  11. Hi Francis, Excellent model. Once again your trademark weathering skills turn an affordable kit into a gem. Yes the camo scheme looks a bit late war but then again, I've seen pictures of a panzer IV-G with disc camo. It's probably on one of my hard drives, well needle and haystack situation in order to retrieve those. Finally some time to check what΅s happening on BM, hopefully some time for modelling in the future. Cheers, Ernst.
  12. Wow, this one looks worn without being over weathered. I can't add anything that hasn't been mentioned before. Beautiful compostition, stunning model. Cheers, Ernst.
  13. Kitbash redefined. I have to trysome of those akan paints, they look very convincing. I remeber a very civilized discussion by akan on armorama about accuracy but I digress. Highly inspiring. Great model Сергей Никитин, Awesome beasts, those t-34's. Cheers, Ernst.
  14. I love to see some interesting and unusual models. Great work, Cheers, Ernst.
  15. Great colours on a beautiful model. You've once again proven that it's not about resources but about being resourceful. Cheers, Ernst.
  16. Stunning work Francis, this is probably one of the best models in an already very impressive collection. I really like your choice of colours, the vibrancy of the green and red brown tones and the somewhat faded dunkelgelb. Weathering is especially spot on and chipping is just awesome. Great choice to have black and white backgrounds, it really affects the colour perception. And yes, the FrancisGl signature vegetation. I really wish I had as much time for modelling as last year, struggling to find some time. All my projects move at a slow pace. Awesome work, Cheers mate, Ernst.
  17. Very interesting model you've made. I like the colour gradients. Those decals are awesome too. Great work, Cheers, Ernst.
  18. Impressive work Phil, much respect to you brushpainters. Great como sceme and lovely colours as well, Cheers, Ernst.
  19. Awesome work, I like your painting style, the way those vehicles just pop out. Lovely scene. Cheers, Ernst.
  20. Awesome work and incredible painting and weathering on this amazing beast. I'll binge through the W.I.P. later . Cheers, Ernst.
  21. Impressive work on both kits and very well presented as usual. Cheers, Ernst.
  22. Thanks for the WIP photo's, I highly appreciate that . I also like your rendition of the Kare Kusa Iro (vallejo calles it "parched grass") and the way it works with the other colours. Kudos for supporting local paint brands and mixing them yourself, that's a great teacher. With true acrylics there is indeed some variation, I couldn't work with vallejo's midouri green. Even with a 3mm nozzle and needle it refused to be sprayed properly. Once again, thank you very much, I've got 4 free days ahead of me so finally some long awaited modelling time. Cheers, Ernst.
  23. Hi Mate, thanks for the quick response. I mean the green on the SPG. I like these green tones with a bluish hue in it. Now you've mentioned, what colour did you use on the figures. There's a nice contrast between the helmets and the uniforms and perhaps the helmets themselves too since the one on the last figure appears to have a different shade. I've just recently started figure painting so this is all new to me. Cheers, Ernst.
  24. Stunning work as usual Stix and great composition. The absence of that what caught the crew figures attention is more effective than actually showing it. Very well done . Cheers, Ernst.
  25. Another great scene with some of my favorite cars. I grew up in a Saab 96 v4. Great background and display. Cheers, Ernst.
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