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  1. Check out our website, we have a new competition starting Monday. Good luck to whoever enters.
  2. Full set of paint racks Coming to Essential range any day now. Large 112 paints 38mm, 34mm 140 paints 27mm. Mid 66 paints 38mm, 34mm 90 paints 27mm. Small 45 paints 38mm, 34mm 50 paints 27mm.
  3. From my previous post. Go to our website and click competition for details. Good Luck Everyone!!
  4. It is great to be here and I would like to thank Mike for his work on setting us up. This first post is to introduce ourselves, we are a small Devon Company that was setup by myself. At Model Designs, quality and practicality is our mission. As a modeller myself I created the following products simply because I wanted them myself. Once I had used them for a while I decided to offer them to other modelers. All items are made from either 5mm solid acrylic or MDF. I hope you enjoy our set products but if you require a more tailored product we do provide a custom design and manufacture service. If you require this service please contact me. We manufacture Workstation, Paint racks & Caddies among many other items. I hope to chat to you all soon Mark. We are also offering the opportunity to win a prize (info below) More info will be given on our site soon. The possibility to win this starts on our website on the 1st Feb. What the prize consists of: Professional Tamiya Lacquer Rack 66 Tamiya Lacquer paints All 3 Tamiya glues/welds 1x Tamiya Paint Retarder 1x Tamiya Lacquer Thinners 1x Tamiya Lacquer Thinners with retarder. Retail Value of over £250.00 (Pictures are illustration only) www.modeldesigns.co.uk
  5. Hi everyone, I'm mark, I've been modelling for a few years now. I am currently working on Dottie may 1/32 P47. I like to model aircraft, armour and I am about to start on my very first ship. So I will be asking for a lot of advice. Its great to be here. Chat soon Mark
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