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  1. Here you go: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2022/info-eduard-2022-03en-1.pdf
  2. As I wrote above, Eduard Info released today explicitly states that at this year's E-day Eduard expect to release S-199 in 1/48 scale...
  3. Nor am I. However the only difference I can think of is really just the replacement of the transparent windows behind pilot's seat with metal panels. I see no reason why would Eduard produce just the Czechoslovak version, thus significantly decreasing their sales.
  4. Mr Sulc has recently said this is intentional. According to their sources, the colour used for hinomaru initially looked like this and (essentially) got darker over time. And at the time of PH, the planes were relatively new. For their Profipack boxing, the decal sheet will include hinomaru in two different shades - lighter and darker - for modellers to choose from, as this boxing spans a longer time period.
  5. Actually the opposite. You have to take every sentence literally. "Built at less than 192 units before June 1940" - by May 30, 1940, between 0 and 191 units have been built. The production either a) might have finished by then, or b) hasn't started yet, or c) <192 were produced before the date, and some unspecified number later.
  6. Yep, this has been officially confirmed: Two sets of sprues, masks and photoetched parts, together with a large decal sheet.
  7. You have a point. But bailing-out/ditching (preferably near you carrier) still sound possible. Would be nice to know, whether (and when) the controls were used in practice. Anyway, can't wait to get my hands on the kit, I've been waiting for a new SDB in 1/72 for ages...
  8. I vaguely remember that the second set of controls was intended to allow the gunner to pull out from a dive or to prepare for bail out if pilot gets incapacitated (e.g. hit, blacked out...)
  9. Just treat them normally, as mentioned above, while taking into account that the carrier film is thinner. (Actually thinner carrier film is what many modellers requested. I do not care either way, but we all have our preferences.) I guess lots of misunderstanding concerning the "new" decals comes from the fact that many modellers feel they have to/should remove the carrier film. Some may feel this way because there is more carrier film around tiny stencils than they are used to. The last Eduard model I did was a 1:144 P-47D Razorback, where many decals are quite tiny, and I didn't find this to be a problem.
  10. In my experience, the only "problem" is that many modellers are trying to apply them using the same techniques which work for e.g. Cartograph decals (and which served them very well for many years). If you accept Eduard decals use a different technology and change your technique, they work very well (at least for me). Case in point: since the carrier film is thinner, applying stencils using tweezers can result in stencil folding onto itself. Just slide it in place. Also use enough water (or setting solution) so you can position the decal precisely.
  11. Revell Aqua is probably the closest you can get to MM. As long as you don't mind mixing your own colours, I find them to be really an excellent choice for brush painting. Otherwise sapperastro's post roughly agrees with my experience. You can find more on brushpainting acrylics here: http://www.dogma72.com/ (paint reviews are referenced in the right-hand column)
  12. You mean this Luftwaffe colours chart? Yep, that's what I am after. Positives: accuracy, price (£7.95) Negatives: not available for US Navy, USAF, RAF..., shipping (£18.99)
  13. Yep, I absolutely understand that. I would be happy even with printed chips, if they are of the RAF Museum book quality. Unfortunately, many of the books containing paint chips have been out of print for decades. Since such books were published in the past, one wonders why there are almost none today. And a paint chip chart on its own should be significantly cheaper than a book containing a paint chip chart.
  14. This is a pet peeve of mine. I am ok with mixing my own paint, if need be. It would be better to be able to buy the correct coloured (i.e. the period look of a brand new paint) water based brushable acrylic paint, but I can live in the world where such paints are not available. What I really really really hate is the fact there is no easy way to buy period correct paint chip charts of the shelf for a reasonable price. Such a shame. Give me the RAF, USAF, US Navy, Luftwaffe... WWII paint chip charts and I'll be happy for the rest of my modelling life.
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