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  1. Hannants, kingkit and g force models all have F-18 kits in stock. I've ordered from them all and had good service from each. I have a1/48 kinetic F18 in my stash, looks like a very detailed quality kit but as I've not started it yet cannot comment on build quality. G force models have a Hobby Boss F18 but it's US Navy, hannants have a couple of different Canadian Kinetic kits whilst Kingkit have some Kinetic and Hasegawa Canadian jets all in 1/48. Happy building.
  2. Sorry Mike, but i'm going to disagree. I was disappointed with this product, for the cover price there are better Tornado books and magazines out there. To me it seemed as if Kagero put in some effort to cover the development of the aircraft and then ran out of space as everything past the early years seemed to be quite brief. Indeed there was next to nothing about Tornado operations during the Cold War and hardly a mention of the Saudi's what so ever. Even the single picture of a RSAF jet is in fact a crashed RAF Tornado from Desert Shield. The GR4 plate on the rear cover also is from Op Telic 2003 and not Unified Protector 2011 as stated and the center spread picture is of an early 80's 27 Sqn machine not a GR4 from 'Allied Force' in 1999 (In fact i think the RAF only used GR1's during that conflict) There are some nice photographs and the A4 size poster (Landscape of the cover picture ) is something different. The author also sheds a little more light on Italian operations with hours/sorties flown data for a number of conflicts.
  3. Eduard 'Big Sin' range does a Gulf War Tornado package with JP233, Alarm, CBU's and more, however, it may cost more than the kit itself. ResKit make Paveway 2 LGB's and AIM produce the heavy 8x1000lb dumb bomb load. I agree with RMP2, go with the Revell kit although it doesn't come with weapons other than AIM-9 and under wing tanks and ECM/Chaff pods. If you are on a budget you can pick up an Italeri for less, but then the detail isn't as good. As for reading: you cant get better than Michael Napier's 'Tornado GR1 an operational history' it has the whole RAF GR1 story from Cold War to the late 90's. There is a large Desert Storm section with plenty of photo's showing different weapon loads. Napier was a Tornado pilot during this time so speaks with authority. He has also just released an offering from Osprey; Combat Aircraft 138 RAF Tornado units of Gulf War 1. This covers both the F3 and GR1 during the conflict. I've yet to read it but some of the text is a direct lift from his other book mentioned above. It does contain 18 pages of colour drawings showing a wealth of different nose art. SAM Publications MDF 29 The Panavia Tornado is also a good read and has some 13 pages covering the Gulf War. It also follows the Tornado up until a few years ago and covers the F3 and aircraft flown by Germany, Italy and Saudi. SAM also has walk-around close up pictures and several 1:48 kit reviews. As a Tornado fan boy i look forward to seeing what you choose, happy building!
  4. Hi DeepSea, Are the main subjects in this book German Air Force as per the cover? At some point in the distant future i'll be building a Typhoon in RAF colours so would be looking for detailed pictures of RAF machines. I have the Tornado edition of this series and am quite impressed with the detail close up pictures. Thanks for any help.
  5. I have the Tornado copy and wished i had spent my money elsewhere. Massively over priced for what they are, poor translation, very little new information or photo's, huge areas of the aircraft's history missing, almost nothing of RSAF jets, a publication that doesn't know if it is telling the whole Tornado story or just that of the IDS ( and it doesn't do that very well)........ i could go on but i think you get the idea. I'll not be buying anymore copies, there are much better and cheaper products out there.
  6. Hello, a bit late to the party but i’ve just received Concord’s ‘Tornado’ and there are a few Deny Flight pics within. 23 Squadron EX, EW and ED. 11 Squadron DJ and DH, One of the DH pics has it with Gulf pink 1500l tanks. Also possible 25 Squadron FE and FD, the captions don’t mention Deny Flight (the only 25 Sqn pic that is from that operation doesn’t show the tail code). However the aircraft are in the Deny Flight weapon fit.
  7. Oops, just seen their home page, seems they have issues with sending to EU, so have stopped taking orders.
  8. Hannants.co.uk have Aim - Transport 8x1000lb on dual carriers in 1:48. They are quite expensive though, plenty of other weapon options available via the search engine on their site.
  9. Take a look at the dstorm.eu post above from Jabba. It will take to directly to the page with Tornado weapon loads, in the dumb bomb section CBU87 is mentioned. There is also a link to a pic which seems to show 4 weapons on ZA456. Michael Napiers excellent book, Tornado GR1, has several pics and pilot interviews that mention aircraft carrying 8x1000lb bombs during the opening days of Desert Storm. These were used in loft attacks from low level. As the aircraft moved to medium altitude attacks the bomb load was reduced to 5 weapons, or 2-3 a little later when Paveway LGBs were used.
  10. Hi Giorgio, i made one or two Matchbox kits in the late 80's so i'll give the Premiere Hawk a miss even if it is a bargain. I've found out that the Hawk wing fences had to do with wing stall. During flight testing there would be little buffet warning and then wing dip when the aircraft stalled. Although recovery was standard it wasn't acceptable, however, the manufacturer was under time pressure to get the Hawk in service with the RAF. A fix was found involving something around the flaps but this left the aircraft with a slightly higher stalling speed, this was within safety limits for the RAF and so was accepted. The fences were a longer term fix and i think lowered the stalling speed so it was more acceptable for the T45 and export customers. ( Looking at pics of the T45 it seems there was quite change in wing design). Happy modelling Mark
  11. Thanks Giorgio, i didn't know that some of the export Hawks had different wings, any idea why? I guess i owe HB half an apology. Have you come across Premiere Kits? there are a couple of Hawk T1a in Kingkits sale section at the moment and the Red Arrow Hawk is very reasonably priced. I've not come across Premiere so if anyone has past experience would love to hear. all the best Mark
  12. Hi Pappy, you will need to drill the holes for the pylons which is why mine is flying clean because i forgot (too impatient for my own good).
  13. Same here, i had a reply within a few hours after asking about 1/48 Tornado decals. Sadly the answer was no due to the need to produce a large run of sets to make it profitable. Good luck
  14. Hi, I have just finished the 1/48 HB Hawk T1a and am very pleased with the result. The biggest issue is for some reason HB decided the Hawk wing would look better with multiple wing fences on the leading edge. As BAe decided the Hawk could fly perfectly well without theses additions they didn't manufacture the Hawk with them. That means you will need to attack the wing with knife and sand paper to remove these additions. Bizarrely the HB box artwork doesn't show the pesky fences As exdraken mentions the ejector seats are from the early Hawks, the difference is quite noticeable so be careful when choosing your time period. I'm not sure when the seats were upgraded (1990's?) but it is possible that some of the decal options ( 74R Squadron ) wont match the seats. Also as far as i know the RAF Hawks only flew/fly with the inner wing pylons, i dont remember seeing any with 4 pylons. I'm pretty sure the bomb option is also wrong as it seems to be American. The kit does however have cannon, AIM 9 and SNEB rocket pods all of which were/are used. Decals options for; early 80's camo 63(R) Sqn TWU, black 74(R) Sqn and ETPS. Hope this has been of some help, happy building. Mark
  15. Look no further, i have the Italeri 1:48 Tornado GR1 and it has late 31 Sqn markings as shown in the Telic photo you have posted. If i were you i would wait for the Revell GR4 as the Italeri kit is something of a pain to make and is less detailed (you'd also have to convert to GR4 by adding the FLIR). I'm more than happy to post you the decals, the only part missing will be the RAF red and blue fin flash as i cut this up to fit an early 90's Harrier GR7.
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