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  2. Hi all Wanted to share some recent experiences having shelled out on some AK products. back in Feb I ordered some weathering products and one item was a heavy chipping effects set which included the chipping fluid etc. On opening the set the lid for the chipping fluid had not been correctly set so all of the liquid had emptied out. In the bin with that then. Now to this week I reached for the "Worn Effects" fluid and on opening up I found the jar contaminated with dear knows what. So that ended up in the bin too and only glad I spotted it before it ended up in the airbr
  3. Hi all I love getting bargains and as modeling isn't a cheap hobby I'm interested to know where some of you shop online for good prices, eg eBay Sellers, China, Japan etc... Ta in advance Warren
  4. Hi all... ...trying to mask my 1/72 Academy Tempest V using the AML camo mask. However from the pic below I cant get the correct alignment of the nose mask sections which are in two halves. Has anyone runt into probs with AML masks before or I'm I doing something totally wrong? The mask is AMLM 73 012 1/72 scale Hawker Tempest Mk.V so should match my kit? Ta in advance
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