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  1. Hi! someone have tried to use the Aires wheels bay for hasegawa F-16I sufa in the kinetic kit ? can be fitted in the kinetic kit? thanks
  2. Hi !, someone has tried to apply Mr softer and Mr setter over Xtracrylix paints ? if yes, you has had some issue with these products ? thanks !
  3. Hi Ossington, many thanks for the info ! so then the xtradecal sheet is incorrect
  4. Hi, well, A friend is working in a lizzie from Airfix, from Nº 4 Squadron. In the box Airfix include decals with the serial number L4752 , but in this profile the serial is L4792 and according to xtradecals also is 4792, this is a lizzie based on Monchy-Lagache france 1939, so.. someone have seen a picture of this plane ? the correct serial is L4792 ? many thanks
  5. thanks for the info guys, I think there is not a replacement with such tread in 72.
  6. but, in 72 or 48 ? hasegawa have both
  7. ooh...nobody have any suggestion for this ?
  8. Hi guys, well, I will start a seafire 47 from special hobby (a beautiful plane), I saw on some pictures that the wheels have a tread , there are replacement resin wheels with those tread in 1/72 ? also the 60lbs rockets are too thick, so the same question .. there are replacement rockets in this scale ? (maybe resin + PE ?) the configuration is two rockets in each point. Cheers
  9. many thanks guys for your prompt response!
  10. Hi everyone ! I bought the airfix gnat , vampire and Special hobby balliol, all three aircraft are painted "silver" (according to the instruction) but, the real color was a silver paint or was a natural metal finish with only some areas painted orange ? Cheers
  11. Hi people, many thanks for your replies, and sorry for my delay, I was a bit busy and with my computer waiting for a new power supply Well, now I know that I was confused with those UK phantoms models, is almost impossible to get one fujimi phantom FGR2 here, so ebay looks like the better place to get one, well, many thanks for all the info for this project!. --------- Pablo
  12. Hi, my name is Pablo from Argentina, I need your help for this project, I´m interested in doing a F-4J(UK) Phantom in service in falklands islands after the conflict, in 1/72 which decals do you recommend me ??? and according to your knowledge which is a better seat for this model ? this from pavla http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PAVS72001 of this from aires http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AIRE7086 many thanks !!!
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