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  1. Hi alt-92 I've managed to brace the front of the mid section internally with some pre curved sprue, which looks ok. I will add more support from the outside wall of the front weapons bay to the rear of the front section. Not much to work on, but worth a shot. Apart from that, plenty of cement, filler and fingers crossed. Cheers.
  2. Hi King Tiger. The Bone is my current WIP. Perhaps a bit ambitious as my sixth or seventh real kit after eighteen months modelling, but it came half price from a Hobbycraft sale. I don't have a lot of workspace so for me it is an exercise in logistics as well as patience. It is a big kit, a consequence of which is that the large fuselage sections flex, which makes an accurate fit challenging. Expect to become well acquainted with your filler of choice. Oh, and it helps if you like sanding. I am finding it fascinating, though hard work. Weapons bays are open for me. I must admit that I have found the interface between PE parts and the kit plastic to be less than adequate, the crossover instructions are poor in my opinion. When it has reached a presentable state I will post a pic. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Hi Folks I'm David, made some early Airfix models, Lancaster, Spitfire etc, in the early sixties. About eighteen months ago picked up an Airfix starter kit on a whim and it's been downhill ever since. Currently waist deep in Revells Lancer B-1B 1/48 scale and hoping to emerge intact. Preference is for Russian Cold War metal, but I like most things. Excellent forum with a wealth of knowledge available. Happy modelling.
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