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  1. Glad you could join in Chris! Thanks! I really enjoyed your recent Hampden build so I was really looking forward to doing something similar myself. It will be fun! Glad you could make it Mike, plenty of room at the bar! Great, good of you to join in. Thanks! I love it too and it was an important aircraft in the early war years. Glad to have you along!
  2. Thanks everyone for your likes and comments so far! I’ll start this instalment with a bit of history behind the aircraft I’m building: Z9322/MH-G of 51 Squadron RAF (later transferred to 77 Squadron). I’m fascinated by going through the RAF’s Operations Record Books so once I find a subject that attracts my interest (often from a particular combat or raid) I’ll often research the aircraft I’m building in the level of detail you’re about to see below to establish what else it was involved in and which other crews flew it. At the time of writing (November 2020) these
  3. Hi everyone! The recently completed Battle of Britain group build has left me with a few kits in my stash that I didn't get to, so here I will present one of them. The first kit I've decided to pull out of my stash is the Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley. The kit is 1/72 Airfix, for which I've purchased Eduard's details set and masks set. I gather from other builds Eduard omitted a couple of windows so I'll have to do some extra masking (not too much I hope!). A couple of photos: Now to the subject. The particular aircraft I've decided to build
  4. Superb Hampden, and a fitting tribute to those who participated in the raid. Matt
  5. I would also like to second "repeat please" (this is the BoB group build after all!) Tim and Peter's comments, very well said. A huge thank you to the hosts @Stew Dapple, @Procopius, @Cookenbacher and @Enzo Matrix, it's been a lot of fun posting on here and as a relative newcomer to the hobby I've really appreciated everyone's advice, knowledge and encouragement. Also well done to all participants. The standard of modelling on here has been exceptional and I will revisit these pages countless times to be inspired by and continue learning from everyone's builds as I work my way t
  6. And this is my second entry. This is an Airfix Blenheim IV bomber, completed as T1826 "GB-B" of 105 Sqn, which flew five successful raids on the invasion barges as described in my build thread, and was flown by the inspirational Sqn Ldr Gordon Key throughout much of the Battle of Britain. To the standard kit I've added Quickboost exhausts and Eduard PE (interior and in the wheel bays), and I used Eduard canopy masks and AML camouflage masks. Enjoy the pictures!
  7. Hi all, A bit of weathering later, and we have a completed Blenheim! I have really enjoyed working on this, from my research before the GB started trawling through Operations Record Books to find out more about the "other few" to building and participating in this forum. I'm glad I have been able to pass on some tips about the Airfix Blenheim along the way which I hope others will find useful, and in turn I've learned lots from others on this forum too. Pictures are below, and I'll add these to the galley too. Comments welcome! Matt
  8. Hi all, My first completed group build! This is the 1/48 Eduard Spitfire Mk.I "Spitfire Story" edition built using the included PE and masks, with AML camouflage masks and Xtradecal RAF letters purchased to complete this kit. It's finished in standard Sovereign Colour Coats RAF colours, plus weathering using heavily thinned Humbrol enamels and Vallejo weathering pigments. This aircraft, L1065, was flown by Sgt Alan Feary of 609 Sqn, when he shot down one of the three Ju88s that had just bombed the airfield at Middle Wallop on 14th August 1940. Build thread is here. M
  9. Hi everyone, I've made a lot of progress since the last update and I'm calling this one finished - my first completed group build! Decals went on well. I was concerned about the decals settling down over all those rivets, but copious use of Microsol sorted that out with minimal silvering - phew! Next came the weathering process. I know this aircraft was heavily weathered, but I decided to mostly err on the side of subtlety (although I did a bit more underneath where Spitfires often looked very much the worse for wear!). So, I did a panel line wash using
  10. Wonderful job so far with both the Hampden, which is really looking the part, and the story of the raid. I now have a Valom Hampden in the stash - I'll probably do mine as one of the other aircraft from the same raid just to be different! Cheers, Matt
  11. Hi all, Decals are on, so I can reveal the identity of the second Blenheim. It's T1826/GB-B of 105 Squadron. This aircraft flew throughout the Battle of Britain and seems to have been Sqn Ldr Gordon Key's favoured aircraft for a period of time during the Battle of the Barges, although other pilots also flew this aircraft. 105 Squadron's ORB records T1826 as completing eleven bombing missions during this time period, including five against the invasion ports of Ostend (18/9/1940), Dunkirk (20/9/1940 and 21/9/1940), Calais (24/9/1940) and Boulogne (30/9/1940). It als
  12. Hi all, Although I had some brand new Humbrol paints ready to go, I decided to delay this build somewhat and order some Sovereign paints to try these out as per @Merlin's advice. I'm very glad I did. I was never happy with the Humbrol 30 that Airfix advertise as RAF dark green (Humbrol 116 seems closer but wasn't available from any of my usual sources at the time). I'm not normally too worried about getting the colours exactly right as I know there was a fair bit of variation, but Sovereign dark green in particular looks so much better. So here's where I'm up to - al
  13. Hi all, Finally, an update. The good news is Airfix spares are on the way. The bad news is they were only posted a week or so ago, so will now surely be too late for this GB. However, I couldn't resist buying another Blenheim. I enjoyed the first one, but I wanted to also build a 105 Squadron machine as well. Besides, I purchased some Sovereign Hobbies Colour Coats and obviously needed a few models to try them out on... So, a bit of blitz building later (following almost the same process) and the second Blenheim is almost ready! I did two things differently
  14. Thanks for the information. You'll be pleased to hear I was definitely planning on hard camouflage edges!
  15. Hi all, After @Dave Swindell's input I couldn't resist researching the Sutton harness to assist Spitfire builds I do in future (and help anyone building one in this group build). It seems there are several types. The earliest is the Type "M" shown below. The Spitfire Site (which also has another sketch showing the harness as I've built it, with the part of the harness labelled "1" below stretching over the pilot's shoulders and attached to the rear of the seat) indicates that the early Spitfires had this. The next type released was the "K" which the aforementioned p
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