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  1. Thanks, I am rather pleased with how the first one turned out, doing another two now.
  2. these were earlyl prototype parts, will try getting some pics of the newer more crisp parts.
  3. Here is a pic showing a close up of cab side details Insert image from URL
  4. Spent a good amount of time last night prepping the missile, got the main body sanded and readied and area's masked off, got it painted this morning then sprayed with matt clear coat to protect the model..
  5. Just wanted to share some pics of my progress on assembling and painting up North Korean HS-15 missile transporter TEL in 1/144 scale With Clear plastic added into the cab windows
  6. Been working on assembling and painting on of the HS-15 kits.
  7. I am not sure how to post this in the section for manufactures, so if admin can move this to that section :), I just wanted to let everyone know I have moved forwards with production of my 1/144 scale model kit of DPRK ICBM TEL this was conversion of my model that was used on the front of Jane's Intel Review that I then converted into 3D printable model. Model kit goes for 60$.. although I also have just the missile and detachable launch stand bucket for 25$ on site without the TEL Anyone that would like to place a reservation for kit can place order here. https://arma
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