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  1. Gael

    Removing paint

    Thanks, I will give it ago - but are you sure it wouldn't ruin them?
  2. Gael

    Removing paint

    Hello, I base coated a batch of soft plastic figures with black paint, Humbrol. There was something wrong with the paint, I should have known, could have been age, could have been the cold. Anyway, it's a mess, they are 'gungy', flakey, detail covered. What can I do - how can I get it off without ruining the plastic (most of it just chips off but I would like to start afresh. What can I do? Thanks in advance.
  3. I bought Elhiem stuff - they look great - a little bit chunky, but not cartoony.
  4. I have discovered Elheim miniatures - very good - normally don't live metal figures but they are great - not cartoony.
  5. Thanks - I will take your advice!
  6. Hello, For some reason, don't ask me why, I am keen on creating Hungarian dioramas in 1/72. Hungary was a major ally of the Germans in WW2 and fought with them to the end, they were a major force on the Eastern Front. Now, Hungarian vehicles are hard to get but they are available. Figures, not so. There are the Strelets figures but they do not suit me. 'Hunor product' did produce some ok figures but they are hard to get. I have created a company from Airfix Germans (both WW1 and WW2), Revell Germans, and some Arfix Afrika Korps - the results are ok - from a distance. Thinking of using some Revell Afrika Korp and even some WW1 Hungarian Honved to widen it out. Has anyone ever come up with better solutions? I notice a good Hungarian range at 1/56 but I am not going to change now. Thanks Gael.
  7. Gael

    Track problems

    For reasons unknown, I am trying to build an old Renault 17 tank from Matchbox - I like Matchbox! Unfortunately, I have only a few fragments of the tracks - which will probably fall apart completely. So, it seems I cannot but such a thing in 1/72. - I got tracks for the Char B from Bulgaria but no luck with Renault? Is there anyway round this? Could they be scratch built somehow? Is there something which could be adapted or looks good enough?
  8. Just a wee tale of warning... I decided to recondition a "battle-damaged" Matchbox Panther - my favourite as it was the first I ever did. I try the oven cleaner technique to clean off the paint - it didn't work - I then left it in white spirit.... Acyrillic paint did not come off - but the model essentially fell apart - no great problem as I could rebuild, maybe even a little better, - but a lot of the finer plastic broke. Now it was made over 30 years ago - so I am not sure. Did the white spirit attack the plastic or just the glue? I intend to rebuild it as a challenge but there will be some fabrication, drilling out etc - wheels just fell. Oh... and the tracks turned to mush (any recommendations for new tracks?). So look - don't dunk your favourite childhood tank in White Spirit!
  9. Gael

    1:76 tracks

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice, I model amour, some figures and some landscapes - it's a combination of nostalgia, stress relief, interest in the war and I get some enjoyment out of building the things. I build almost exclusively Airfix (due to availability) and Matchbox - because that's what I did when I was a little box and I like them - I understand the quality is poor, I also love the boxes. But here's the think - 90% of the time the tracks are useless - a hardened brittle twisted relic ruined by 30 years in a box, the decals are normally quite rotten also - I doubt if they were much good in the first place. So I always have to source the tracks separately - for major models, Panther etc, that's no problem. But I am building an m16 Halftrack at the moment and can't find tracks - can anyone think of a solution? Thanks
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