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  1. Turbofan - The mixing red was my initial first thought as well... I could be getting into nothing good here as well with what you said (decal kit being made for the airfix 200 vs revell) Im "hoping" things will fit... I'll see how things look when the decals arrive, right now Ive only filled the shallow windows and glued the weight inside the nose... if things aren't looking favorable in the trial version you suggest, I'll pull the plug and revert to the Germania version... Abadonded Project - Thanks for the welcome!
  2. Thanks guys... waiting for the decals to arrive still, but looking at the images they are one piece and Ill be performing surgery...
  3. Hey everyone, new here, looking for some advice / ideas... I picked up the Revell Germania 727-100 kit, but am building it as an Air Canada Cargo 727 with the decal kit from V1decals.. A few kinks have come into my plans... the rear stabs are one piece with the top tail piece on the model kit.. which works fine for the original kit because the entire tail is painted white with a single round decal in the middle.. the Air Canada scheme I have decided on is an entire red decal for the tail with no slits cut in the decal for the stabs, the red decal extends above the stabs to the top of the tail... My only thought on getting around this is to carefully cut the stabs off the top tail cap and reglue them after the decal is applies.. will just have to cut away a small part of the decal afterwards to glue the stab back in place... Im a little worried as there is no support tab with those stabs to glue into the tail now... probably use CA glue? If anyone has any thoughts, ideas, come across this let me know! Thanks!!
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