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  1. Sorry, I have never made the Pavla one, and canot compare. Alain
  2. Thank you very much. Alain PS : sorry for my late answer. Was not home this WE
  3. Thank you very much. I had folow Paul Luca's book for the camouflage. That's why I post different Camouflage on different Malta Spitfire. This one is my 160 th one. Alain
  4. Well, it's a short run kit, not a "TAMYGAWADUARD" But nice if you go sloly. Alain
  5. Yes indeed, it is not my period of time, but it was a pleasure to build this model from Eduard. Alain
  6. I had used Humbroll 144 Intermediate blue and 145 Medium blue for the top, and Azur Blue from Hataka (blue line) for the underside. I paint with brush, not airbrush. This plane was repainted aboard USS Wasp with US paint. Alain
  7. It is not finish yet, more to come. I'll post the Typhoon for you soon. Alain
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