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  1. Thanks Duncan I'm at the decal stage....but I don't have the decals, and right now, I simply don't have the funds to buy them so the build will be on holds for a while.
  2. Thanks Yg Models I can only take credit for the painting however
  3. LoL thanks SouthViper Yes indeed..very efficient
  4. Thanks Pete I'm glad you noticed the different textures. I am very new to figure painting and try to find my own path. I have noticed that textures are pretty much the same on many figures, no matter how good they are painted. So I focused a lot on different textures on different materials....cloth should be flat and nonreflective while leather, depending on age and place should semigloss with flat areas and finally the armour and metal should be shiny and smooth. I compensate my novis painting skills with the use of textures to make the figure come alive. I succeeded with the photos too and mixed yellow and white light that made the figure pop.
  5. Thanks Colin it's my first 1/6 scale figure....many many many layers of paint yeah I know....it snapped a few times on me, I dropped the finished figure once and the rifle shattered. Thanks Hook
  6. Thanks John I'm waiting for Foxbot to reissue their sheet Thanks Serkan wish I could do the same...I only really need the walkway decals, the rest of the decals I can find in my sparebox.
  7. The Mandolorian and Grogu Here is a new figure thet is finally finished. It's a big 3D print I don't know the scale but I guess it's aroung 1/6th. Painted with all kinds of colours and washes and filters. It is the first time I paint a figure this big and it took forever with layers upon layers to get the effects I wanted, I'm still a novis. We start with Mando... And Grogu And together...This is The Way Cheers!
  8. It's Friday and Midsummer so here we go The end of Painting Time to sort out those small thingies, details I mean. So masking...again... Now it's a few different colors so I have to do it carefully but so far so good. So I started with putting my thumb in the white paint! sand and redo...meh. The rest went well though. I painted some details with a chrome pen, like the C/F-dispensers...it'll look better with a wash on Next I glued the strakes in place....that is I glued one and spent 25m searching through the clutter after the other one With all that done I believe painting is done so I sealed all with a clear coat before decals! About the decals btw..... I don't have them they weere sold out everywhere and you remember Hannant's sending me the wrong decals before....so well.. I'm at an impasse right now. I can do the weapons, wheels and pylons but then I'm at a stand still until decals appear again. Cheers!
  9. Thanks John for a Sweden I'm truly out on a limb here, "not halfbad" is bordering on self-indulgence and elitism for even hinting at me being proficient at something...a big no- no in Swedish culture.
  10. Friday is upon us and so is this update! Hot Metal 3 Finally on the home stretch regarding the engines. SO the upper side it was... I started with drawing violet weldlines across like so. Then it was time for some itty bitty masking again and this time I drew brown weldlines. There.... And some blue weldlines....it looks like a drawing but it'll change as more layers are added. First a clear coat on top to seal the lines and then I went at it with my Tamyia make up and unmask the hatches. Then I painted the hatch clasps red. Another clear coat and then I put down a dark wash all over. There and the cans in place as well. And now for the reaveal! I must say, not half bad . A little dryfit of the fins... There....there will be a wee bit more pigment on the metal but that´s for the final weathering to blend everything together. Next I will continue with those dielectric panels everywhere and small details that needs to be painted. Cheers!
  11. Thanks Serkan indeed, however it's fun and witb a little care you can get some really nice results. I've found that any exhaust job always starts with a very shinry base that keeps the sheen and feel of metal even though the layers builds up.
  12. And a little Sunday update for everyone except on ARC, where I can't post pictures for some reason. Hot Metal 2 After the weld lines are in place it's time for some make-up! I gave the welded sections a blue hue and then I demasked the small hatches. Next for some weld lines on the folowing section with brown and blue lines. Before using the Tamyia make-up sets you have to seal the the lines that are drawn. Now I went for a orange base and then lines with blue over the welds....and unmask. LAstly I have the little section before the brass and I masked off the brass and went to town with black and orange pigments. And to finish off todays session I sealed all the hot metal with gloss varnish put down in dry coats. I dry fitted the cans again just to see how it looks....it's getting there Next time I do the upper side.. Cheers!
  13. Now I hav e a fresh Friday-update for you! Hot Metal It's time to get those wonderful hot metal colours on! I work in layers, the first layer was the shiniest, the Alclad Airframe Aluminium. Next I shot Alclad Polished Aluminium in rough lines and over the small hatches. You see how it is lighter though less shiny than AA. Next I masked the outer part and shot Alclad Polished Brass. Here it was time to mask all the hatches, a piece of cake with the New Ware Mask set. Then I covered all with a thin coat of Alcad Magnesium....and I just had to dry fit the the cans to see how they looked, Still some way to go before they start matching Now for the fun part.....masking for the weldlines! Oh joy. I use a violet Sakura pen to draw the welds. Unmasked it looks like this. Now for the outer part of the same nacelle. Here I felt I started to lose focus and sealed them with a couple of dry coats of gloss varnish. So I do the same to the other nacelle next time.....this will take a few updates so be prepared. Cheers!
  14. Indeed, just wanted to show that a little overspray isn't the end of the world
  15. Friday? Again? Heavy metal! Alright, finally done with the cammo! While masking for the dielectric panels I noticed I had made a great dodo! I had switched the tailfins! I painted the right one as the left one and vice verse! I'm just going to live with it....no way I'll redo the fins!!! It looks good enough! Who'll notice? The nose got dark gray too. Heh, the Flanker would look good with tilted fins . Now for the overspray... I just polish with a 2000 grit pad. Before.... After.... Now masking for all those metal surfaces. Then I shot Alclad Gloss Black Base. And here the canvas is ready for metal effects,heatstains and what hve you Cheers!
  16. Thanks jackroadkill it's so tideous tho....I want to get on to funnier stuff....I usually love painting but this masking stuff is boring really.
  17. The Sunday Update. Yup, still at it.... Now it's time for the gray... So I started with those despicable vinyl masks and masked for the gray. After an hour of masking 2 minutes of painting... Et Voilat... well that works....some overspray but I can polish that off. Then I did the horizontal stabs too... Now for a breather...I'll do the vertical stabs the next time. Cheers!
  18. Thanks Mike Slowly but surely Thanks jackroadkill
  19. A miniscule Friday update. A little more painting. Time to deal with the vertical stabs now. Not much to say...masked and painted Comming together nicely Done with the dark blue next I'll do the gray. Cheers!
  20. Brilliant results! Could depend on the type and age of the vinyl... my vinyl masks are very stiff and non-elastic and fights me on all complex surfaces.
  21. The Sunday update is here. Bluer... Time to start on the cammo.... I had the blue down... Now it´s time to mask for the dark blue. Oh boy...that wasn't fun...I must say that I prefer kabuki masks...vnyl masks don't really want to lie down or conform so we shall see how this turns out. Paint! And unmasking.... I have some overspray but that's no worries and there are spots where the mask lifted...oh well ...but on the whole, not too shabby! I will do the vertical stabs separately ...right now I'm beat Cheers!
  22. Ah Friday again...time for an update. Paint!!! Yes we have paint! I painted the underside with MRPs Ukraine light blue OH almost forgot the wingtip launchers. I have some slight bettering to do later. Next I masked for the upper colours.....well the base colour at least Then I painted all with lovely Ukrainian blue from MRP. NOw I'll let it cure for a bit before I start on the digital scheme. Oh You may have noticed that I haven't done any preshading...well to tell the truth, the Ukraine Flanker are so freshly painted and well kept that I can't bring myself to do a weathered and scruffy one. Cheers!
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