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  1. Looking at the model and the overall diorama, it's hard to believe this is your first diorama attempt. Truly beautiful work!
  2. I'm impressed with how well you applied the gloss white and gloss red on the Chipmunk. Those can be a challenge and you've met it very well.
  3. That's a very believable diorama you've done there. I'm quite impressed.
  4. Very nice build. The somewhat subtle engine exhaust and gun smoke stains look very convincing. Well done!
  5. I can't see that being applied to operational aircraft. Looks like it might be a test scheme.
  6. You've done a remarkable job with an old kit. I don't think I'm alone in thinking we need a new mold edition.
  7. I like that they used Strategic Air Command markings. Those are pretty rare among F-84F kits.
  8. Gotta love natural metal Canadian '104s. You have a beautiful collection there.
  9. That is really nice. The travel pod adds something to the overall build. You rarely seem them on models.
  10. Very attractive build. Am I mistaken in thinking the kits main landing gear is too short? The aft fuselage appears to sit too low. This is nothing against your build. It appears to be a kit fault ... and I could well be wrong about that.
  11. I wish I could do in 1/48 or 1/32 what you do in 1/72! Excellent work!
  12. The white is there but it's very subdued in the photos. Definitely a beautiful model.
  13. Really, really nice! It has an authentic worn look that adds much to the model. Many congratulations to you!
  14. Really nice! The YF-23 has always been one of my favorite airplanes.
  15. Great work! The open drag chute door is a nice touch and I don't recall ever seeing a Phantom model where that was done.
  16. Very nice Lightning. I didn't know the Lightnings served in an overall grey scheme, so I learned something.
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