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    Hello, Bienvenue! Nice to see you here, HP. Neighbour from the same french website
  2. Bonjour Fabrice ! Welcome here ! De quel coin en France?
  3. Actually, the scheme is not that hard to reproduce if you expect this first one. Maybe if you find someone who have a Silhouette, he could do the masks for you? Indeed, if you talk about this A330, it's way more sophisticated and hard to reproduce I have the exact same livery in project (the first one), and hope for a producer to release the 350 Marimekko livery.
  4. Indeed Dave you're right, it's Jon and not John. I'm myself in that same Facebook group. Maybe we've already talked there without even knowing it as I'm a member for far more than a year ago! The first steps on yur decalling process look really great! Looking forward for the whole model! Tony
  5. I agree, Microset and -sol are good products. When the job is really rough, I also sometimes use Daco Strong products, but never had to do so with 8aDecs decals. I already used these sheets 4 times, and have another 17 in stock or on the way - Volaris 319, Frontier 32N, Fiji and Hawaiian 332, Avianca Cargo 33F, Malaysia 359, Volotea 717, RAM LOT and Air Canada 737M8, Eva Air Air Austral and Swiss 77W, Qantas RAM and Aeromexico 787, Arkia ERJ 195. And I'm still waiting for Edelweiss 330/340 to come back in stock If you have any question or enquiry don't hesitate to wri
  6. Thank you Guys! I live in Trois-Rivieres, Qc. Mid-way between Montreal and Quebec. But I often visit Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick as well as New Scotland, because of my job.
  7. Hello! I used 8aDecs sheets a couple of time, being really happy with the results. Decals are really easy to apply, soft but tough, and colors have a really good density and opacity. I'd personally deeply recommend them, as I have some current projects that will use them, as well as some future ones - plus a couple of sheets still tempting me on their website. Tony
  8. Hi everybody, and a happy New Year I'm Tony. I am 21 years old and living in Canada since 3 years now. Actually, I'm french, so lived in France before that. So I apologize but my english will sometimes be really approximative, eventhough I use it on a daily basis in my job. I'm really happy to have been accepted to this wonderful website that I follow as a guest since monthes. I began modelling with my grandfather when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Firstly, with WW2 to Vietnam era military planes in 1/72. Since then, I have diversified my production, from WW
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