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  1. What is the best tried & tested paint for airbrushing WW1 aeroplanes? I am going to build a 1/24 Merit SE5
  2. I know it had undercarriage trouble, you can see the right gear door closed before the gear had retracted so it was stuck out.
  3. The decals from Red Pegasus were commisioned by me, along with the 3 Spencer Flack aeroplanes. Unfortunately, Keith passed away & his database has passed to another decal producer. He has released afew Reno racers but nothing else & hasn't answered any of my e-mails. Glad I got several sets of each in the 2 scales I wanted. She had only 1 TV appearance whilst owned by OHB, that was as the sinister black jet in the BBc play for today, The Chinese Puzzle. The play The Aerodrome she was under the ownership of Anvil & registered G-JETT starring along side Aces Highs T-33 & Sandy Topens jets.
  4. G-HUNT was a Danish F.51 which was the export version of the F.4. To model it you will need to remove the dogtooth leading edge of the wing & the tail chute housing/tail pipe as it was a 100 series Avon engine. FYI, I am responsible for the decals for G-HUNT, G-FURY, G-FIRE & the Black Knight T33 G-OAHB being produced by Keith at Red Pegasus. Since his passing his entire database has been taken over. The current owner is slowly releasing some Reno racers & as yet ahs not replied to my messages regarding the aeroplanes I commisioned Keith to make.
  5. I have 1 complete set & 1 majority set of this. I have the Hasegawa Camel & DR.1 built & hanging up. Built the engine, wheels & fuselage frame of the Hachette set & stuck it all on a shelf to maybe finish 1 day. Always wanted the Hasegawa SE5 but it fetches far too high a price now. Now if they would only do a Bulldog or Gladiator.
  6. Yes there's plenty out there. Alot out of production, the likes of Replicast, Mach One Models, John Shinton Models, Western Models & Pandora Models being retired. There is Touchwood Models still in business & LSR Productions have come out of retirement & are re-releasing some ex Pandora Models in a ltd ed, as are SMTS with the Western Models. The main scale is 1/43 but there are afew other scales available but even harder to come by.
  7. Anyone here collect & build these beauties?
  8. Touchwood Models do a 1/43 & 1/12 scale kit. Both have inaccuraccies but are workable & turn into lovely models
  9. Stunning, I have been collecting & building land & water speed record vehicles for several years. I have just finished my 6th out of 10 variations of K7. Nowhere near to this standard unfortunately. Love the improvements you made. I'm currently having a break from boats to do my 1/20 scale Bluebird CN7, then choosing a couple of other vehicles that aren't blue before returning to a K3 & 4 more K7's
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