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  1. Over a grand for a toy spitfire? I don't care how many bells and whistles it's got, they're having a laugh!
  2. It's only a modest bomb bay. If the aircraft is being converted the CG is liable to change depending on what equipment is fitted. Heck, it's only a whif!
  3. How about an ELINT model like the Sentinel? I think if the original Concorde had been militarised it wouldn't have carried any external stores as that would have ruined the top speed due to drag. I also think there would have been room for a modest bomb bay as the fuselage isn't that narrow compared to other bombers.
  4. Hi, OP here... No I don't expect Revell to go nuts printing a Gucci decal sheet for a cheap (old) kit, neither do I expect them to waste their own resources printing a big sheet of nothing. Just give us a simple set of decals commensurate with the value of the kit, then if the builder wanted to spend more on a/m decals, that's their choice.
  5. Nothing wrong with that, I'll be doing the same. I just thought it strange that Revell would go to the trouble of printing a "blank" decal. How did yours turn out?
  6. Fair do's. But I still don't see the point of Revell printing the thing with no colour. Why not just choose a simpler design?
  7. Surely if the decals are printed using the CMYK system all of the colours are available.
  8. Yup! I've seen those. £14.40 per sheet against £4.99 for the kit... Well they've gone to the trouble of printing a new full colour decal sheet so I can't believe that "colouring in" the lozenge would have taken any more investment.
  9. I'm speechless! I just bought a Revell Fokker D VIII and I couldn't believe it when I saw the decal sheet. The colour scheme calls for a 'lozenge' pattern on the underside but Revell in their wisdom have printed it in white with a colour callout for you to paint yourself. Surely the whole point of decals is to provide the finer markings so that you don't have to paint them. Revell, if you're not going to bother printing your decals in colour then offer the model with a different scheme! BTW Where can I get a job folding Revell instruction sheets? I'm guessing I don't need a black belt in origami!
  10. I can't see a theatre or unit marking being allowed to obscure the swastika, it being the force identifier. Also I don't think that the Luftwaffe flew such regimented formations as to warrant a formation marker, why not just use the swastika? Could be. Although the Nazi Party weren't really known for their compassion in the face of dissent! Could it (they) have been captured aircraft used for evaluation, or as Bish states, defectors?
  11. Doesn't look like it, the stripe extends onto the rudder. Besides there're more convincing ways to Photoshop out a swastika.
  12. I see the Skyraiders are carrying the (relatively) new AN/APS-20 Hard to think that it wasn't particularly good in the first place yet it lasted for 40 years in UK service. Where did we get this talent for taking the mediocre and wringing the nuts off it to great effect?
  13. Buccs might have been capable of holding stores with the wings folded but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a feature used by the RAF as the necessity for them to be squeezed into small spaces wasn't really a requirement. There are some photos on the web showing RAF Buccs with their wings folded but I don't think these aircraft are 'operational', rather than retired examples on display. As ever, happy to be proved wrong. Paul.
  14. Looks like the top pic shows the seat pack parachute with its back panel against the seat back and the shoulder straps draped outside the cockpit, while the lower pic has the parachute back folded forward to show the seat and aircraft harness.
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