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  1. Hi Antb. I do apologize, PHOTO 1 A21-33: no wingtips 1x LGBU-54, Drop tank, ELTA-3333 ECM POD, FLIR, AIM-120, Drop tank , 2x GBU-38's A21-22: no wingtips 2x GBU-54 LJDAM, Drop tank, ELTA-3333 ECM POD, FLIR, AIM-120, Drop tank , 2x GBU-38's PHOTO 2 loadout: GBU-31, Drop tank, ELTA-3333, Drop Tank, FLIR , GBU-31, GBU-31 loadout: no wintips GBU-31, Drop tank, ELTA-3333, Drop Tank, FLIR , GBU-31, GBU-31 PHOTO 3 A21-34: no wingtips 1x GBU-32, Drop tank, ELTA-3333 ECM POD, FLIR, AIM-120, Drop tank , 1x GBU-38's Cheers Brendon
  2. Hi Antb. The 2010 airshow pic A21-13 is carrying; TACTS pod, MK84' droptank Aim-120C empty Aim-120C droptank MK.82 snake eye GBU-38 JDAM ASRAAM The Problem with airshow displays, that the RAAF weapons guys will put a variety of weapons of what the Hornet can carry. Cheers Brendon
  3. Hi Antb. The load out seems feasible, but I would suggest switching the MK.82s for JDAMS or Paveway LGB's What sort of Time Frame you looking around? here are some loadouts that the RAAF used in the sandbox https://images.defence.gov.au/assets/archives/5003-All-Defence-Imagery/?25=OKRA https://images.defence.gov.au/assets/archives/5003-All-Defence-Imagery/?25=OKRA https://images.defence.gov.au/assets/archives/5003-All-Defence-Imagery/?25=OKRA Cheers Brendon
  4. I loved Esparance when we went on holidays down there. Its been 30 years since I was down there. I left Perth to move to Melbourne in Sep 2001. RAN FAA predominantly is what I am interested in, I am slowly collecting a few kits for the "stash". none are which have been built as yet. Fujmi TA-4G, Hasegawa S-70B-2 Seahawk, Trumpeter Sea Fury, Italeri UH-1B, Airfix Sea King, Revelle MRH-90 Tiapan I've just got Hasegawa's S-2A Tracker to be converted to a "G" this Christmas. So I have a few more to get before the Air Arm side is complete, I just wish Airfix would do a new mold of the Seasprite
  5. Hi Jeff. Thanks for the welcome I am actually originally from Perth . Raised in Gosnells actually, my folks still live over there.
  6. Hello All, greetings from Melbourne. My name is Brendon and I have been lurking on this site quite awhile and have decided it was time to join. My main modelling interest lies with Australian Defence Force aviation, building in 1/72 scale due to space at home, but I also dabble in other subjects as well. Professionally, After a 7 yr stint in the Australian Army both Full time and a Reservist , I've spent the last 18 years in the aviation industry as an Aircraft surface refinisher. Cheers Brendon
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