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  1. Oh yeah sorry. Blimey miles away. Good news its the same revell kit as they cost a fortune to get hold of at the moment!
  2. https://www.jumbliesmodels.com/plastic-kits-c3/aviation-kits-c4/revell-1-48-tornado-gr-4-farewell-scheme-aircraft-model-kit-p16820 Saw this online today and wondering if anyone has any info on it yet? Wondering if it’s a reboxed version of this one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Revell-04924-Tornado-GR-4-Model/dp/B00TK0Z9VG
  3. Oh nice. Might try that myself. Did you need to thin it out?
  4. Love the subtle weathering, not over done at all. What varnish did you use to finish it off?
  5. So went with the Vallejo matte varnish to try and dull it down a bit. Was actually a really nice varnish to use once thinned out a bit!
  6. Thanks! Yeah I did like the finish on the first coat. I don’t know true it is about the varnish reacting with decals? Also do you use thinner with them varnishes as mine was so thick it barely made it out of the airbrush!
  7. I agree. I’m struggling to find a nice varnish that’s as easy to spray as the humbrol one. I did use a tamiya semi gloss x35 for the first coat. Which looked lovely and left a nice smooth finish with a small shine, was a pig to spray with my airbrush aswell. But read it doesn’t set well on decals so didn’t want to risk it.
  8. Finished the Eduard spitfire finally. Still searching for a nice easy to spray semi gloss/satin varnish to use. But used the humbrol gloss at a distance to try for a semi gloss look.
  9. Currently getting through this Eduard spitfire whilst in lockdown! The Eduard interior pe parts were really good. This is where I’m at so far. Going to airbrush it with humbrol gloss varnish for the decals soon. But does anyone know what’s the best satin/semi gloss varnish that will go straight through the airbrush without the need for thinning etc? I’m struggling to find one. The humbrol gloss flows lovely, but it leaves too much of a glossy finish imo. Also whilst I’m here. What’s the people’s opinions of what’s the best ‘reasonably priced’ airbrush on the market? I need a ne
  10. Just wondering if anyone knows the Eduard parts for this as I’m struggle to find the exact ones for it. I’ve seen a few 1/48 parts from Eduard for the 262 but they all look different.
  11. Just getting through this bronze tiger kit again. Only to realise there’s a rather large piece missing from the sealed packaging! Number 25 is missing. So that blows the idea of making this kit out of the window for now. I do believe the bronze tiger kit is just a rebranded version of an older typhoon kit, so I’m trying to track one of them down. I also believe there is a new eurofighter from revell which is a rebranding version of the bronze tiger. Spent loads on the Eduard kits and BOB decals for this so don’t wanna give up on it.
  12. Thanks for the kind comments! Doing another exactly the same without ‘hopefully’ any mistakes, and a matte finish instead as it looked a lot more matte in real life. If anyone doesn’t know, it was a livery used by the RAF in 2015 for a short time on one of their typhoon’s to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
  13. So finally finished this. Used the Revell bronze tiger kit and caracal BOB typhoon decals, which are fantastic by the way! With Eduard interior detailing. Hasnt gone without its issues though. Canopy clouded up from the glue, managed to get it off, although it cracked. Cleaned up ok. Then at the very last hurdle I caught the side decal with a bit of masking tape and split it! Have another kit and Eduard detail set, so will do another one as I’ve managed to sell this one. Going to try the Vallejo matte varnish next time though as I feel the gloss varnish is a bit too gl
  14. Smart! I have some caracal ones ready for my current typhoon. Just wondered if it’s worth getting more of the same or going for the xtradecal. Cheers!
  15. What’s people‘s experience with these decals? Want to build another BOB typhoon after this one, but there’s an option of decals. Which company makes better ones?
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