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  1. Great work, pity I only saw this thread this morning as I'm sure I have an Airfix Spad fuselage you could have had the rudder from. I have two Aeroclub AEW's in the pipeline. Will watch closely for tips. cheers Ian
  2. Radar

    Avro Shackleton AEW Mk. 2 Details

    Airfix Model World magazine have done an interesting article this month - May 2017 in which Jen Wright has built an Airfix version of an AEW Mk. 2. But yet again they've jumped the gun and it appears that the author was given pre-production parts ( the new sprue containing AEW parts) and not the kit decals. The build is of one of the Pathos abandoned aircraft aircraft WL747 and has been built using practically all the aftermarket sets available for flaps, wheels, masks etc. Personally I don't like the build, it looks horrible as the washed out bleached mess the aircraft now is, but that's just my personal opinion. I would have preferred an honest OOB build and and unbiased report of the production kit so that it could be compared side by side with the Revell version. Maybe another publication will do that once the kit is released! Cheers all Ian
  3. Thanks for the nice comments guys much appreciated. Cheers Ian
  4. Ray, Thanks for that, it's a relief knowing I won't have to work on the stabs.
  5. Something else has just occurred to me, the new Minicraft KC-135R kit is going to have horizontal stabilzers that are too small as the EC-135's were all fitted with the larger Boeing 707 stabilizers I have read. Can anyone confirm this for me please. If true then that scuppers the conversion I guess.
  6. Vlamgat9, I took your advice and have ordered the Minicraft KC-135R from Amazon.com, it is coming from the States so is not cheap. Also I have ordered Welsh Models CV 23 the RAF Rivet Joint conversion set to modify the Minincraft kit, again not particularly cheap! The Welsh Models set has arrived but the instructions are a bit vague as to which resin blisters go where! Has anyone ever done this conversion already here on Britmodeller (or anywhere else on the web for that matter) as it looks like this is not going to be an easy conversion and I could do with some tips and photos. Please can anyone help? Thanks Ian
  7. Well it's taken over a year but I finally got there in the end. i have built this model for a colleague at work who was at Lossie with the 617 Sqn Tonka's when they were wearing this anniversary colour scheme a few years ago. I must admit I am not a fan of this Revell kit which was a bit of a bitch to put together at times, with poor instructions and some over sized parts (hence the aftermarket pitot tube). I just hope she likes it when she finds it on her desk on Monday! Thanks for looking. Ian
  8. Well it's finally finished. I'll post some more photos in the Ready For Inspection section. Thanks for looking Ian
  9. This thread certainly brings back memories, I was 59 yesterday. Mine are of when I was around 11 years old in 1969 I discovered that in an old toy department in a local hardware shop - R.P Lennox in Chaddesden Derby there was a stash of very old Revell and FROG kits. I wasn't on a lot of pocket money in those days so had to start off by buying the small ones like the "Book Box" kit of the Gannet (I've still got that amazing cut away section box somewhere. I also bought the P1B, DH110 and then HP Victor which I still have in the shed. I painted her up as a K1 Tanker in 1973, in fact I suppose it was my first ever conversion. A few years later after I joined the RAF in 1975, one of my Cpls at Scampton gave a carrier bag with the FROG Valiant in it that was in bits. I had just bought my first airbrush and after a bit of restoration this was the first model I ever camouflage painted with the airbrush. I remembered being dead pleased with it at the time. Last summer at the NEC Toy Fair there was a bloke who had a table selling loads of pristine FROG kits in really nice boxes. He had my Holy Grail the FROG Vulcan ( I actually swapped a pile of Lion comics for a badly built one when I was about 8yo and ended up throwing it around the garden aaaarrrgggh). The bloke had it for sale for about £80, I was tempted one end of the box was torn and some one had written 10/6d in biro on the front. So I knocked him down to about £50. Then I asked to check the contents of the box, there was the tube of glue in a little section of the box and the decals and the lovely shiny black plastic stand - but one of the little semi circular stand tops was missing, so I knocked him down another tenner. Then I counted up the white plastic bogey wheels and there were about half a dozen missing! We haggled again and in the end he gave it to me for £10! Yes £10 I couldn't believe it, The box with the un-built kit in it and some replacement 1/144 scale B-1B wheels in the the box has pride of place on the display shelf in my shed. But what do I do with it (I airbrushed out the 10/6d writing by the way) would I ever dare build it? I don't know but I would have to find that bit of black stand top that is missing first, does anyone have one in a spares box somewhere I wonder?
  10. Radar

    Matchbox HS (Folland) Gnat T1

    Lovely model David, I think that there something charming about those old Matchbox kits.
  11. At last I've made some progress with this build. I'm in the home stretch now, just the decaling of the underwing stores and the attachment of a few probes and aerials to go. Thanks for looking Ian
  12. Hi Folks, Has anyone found anywhere in the UK yet where we can buy the Minicraft KC-135R ? I'm keen to build an RAF Rivet Joint if I can. Also has S & M actually bought out the RAF RJ Decals and Resin set yet, they promised it for Telford last year didn't they? I suppose it is a waste of time them bringing out the conversion set though if you cannot get the Minicraft kit in this country. Are there any nice American modellers out there who would be willing to post one to a Brit if I Paypal'd them the cost of the kit and normal postage, please? Homebee, are you back at Waddo these days? Cheers Radar
  13. Ben, Thanks for the link, you're a life saver, prices are reasonable too. Thanks again. Ian
  14. After several months on the shelf, work has re-commenced on the Anniversary Tonka. She has now been now been substantially painted, I tried to get tonal differences with various panels as per photos by lightning and darkening the Tamiya Medium Sea Grey but it doesn't appear to be as stark and clear as I'd hoped for! trans And here she is again after 2 solid hours of decaling. Flippin eck were those fin markings fiddly, they'll need to be touched up before weathering. Lots more hours of transfers to do yet though. Thanks for looking Ian