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  1. And I thought I had seen all there was to see when it comes to A-4 and their camo schemes, but I guess I still have more to discover! This one just looks awesome, and fits in well with the "test squadron" this aircraft is a part of. Reminds me also of some of the spitfires and the underside of their wings painted in black and white...
  2. My god this is one awesome razorback! At first I thought it was all very simple, but looking at the chipping on the wing root, I think it couldn't have been done any better. Tail section is also really well painted and weathered. The only thing I would do differently is try and have a bit more of a smooth transition on the dust you applied to your wheels, as I feel like the sides would also get some contact with dirt and dust. But at this point I'm just being picky...
  3. Simple yet very nice to look at. This kit really turned out well. Good job on the panel lines all popping-out evenly, and the masking on the nose looks impeccable!
  4. Honestly that wing walk line is done very well. I often try and use the decals but end up unsatisfied with the results You've made the right choice. Wing root chipping is pretty neat too. Did you also manage to get the correct colour for the prop? I usually always use black/rubber black because I can't be bothered with trying to get the right dark green/black tone.
  5. 1/48th Eduard P-400 Air-a-Cutie Hello all, After much procrastinating, I've finally finished my first P-400. It goes without saying that the decals were the reason why I wanted to build this kit. Would've loved to find the original Eduard/Hasegawa kits, but these seem to have vanished off the surface of the earth, so I had to settle with some aftermarket decals for the pin-ups, serial numbers and insignias, at a rather expensive price, but excellent quality nonetheless... The other decals were provided from the original Eduard Kit, which means I'll have lots of other op
  6. Yes I've tried the sharp needle/xacto blade through the creases, but some are just too small for me to pick out individually. And even then, it only seems to work if the creases are big/wide enough
  7. Thanks for the help. I have indeed been thinking for a while now about getting a stronger decal setting solution, as I've had a few instances of decals not being very cooperative. I assume it would be possible to apply the stronger decal solution and leave the aircraft alone while it dries, and then go with your method contrary to the instructions if the wrinkles are still present? Thanks again for the help, Mat
  8. Hello everyone, I've been working on the Polish MiG-21 MF kit from academy for a while now, and the time has come for me to put the decals in position. Considering the potential final result, I was both excited and also worried at the prospect of facing some issues with getting those long and thin decals to conform to the surface properly... Unfortunately, I am now facing some issues with the decals. More specifically, wrinkling issues (see below). Decals were applied on three layers of gloss (result probably closer to semi gloss TBH), and some micro set. I've already gon
  9. you are right on that one! Removes most of it, but still leaves a bit, even when using the q-tip. The glitches are very small, and as long as I apply my wash with caution, they should barely be seen. Thanks for the advice, Mat
  10. Unfortunately, it isn't! The problem can be found all over the aircraft, but as you said, it is rather small. I do wonder if I should just continue without bothering too much... I will go ahead and try to use a water based wash, and hopefully it should help. If that doesn't work, I will try using lighter fuel as you've mentioned. Thanks for your advice, Mat
  11. Hello everyone, New member here, with just a few years of experience building models. After a few disappointing results when I was young, I have decided to invest time and resources to make better models, and therefore enjoy this hobby even more! I am currently finishing my latest project, a 1/48 Eduard BF 109 F-2, and ask, humbly, for your help and experience. After setting all the decals, and spending too much time on YouTube, I understood that the next step was to protect everything with a gloss clear coat before moving on to weathering and emphasizing the details. I've use
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