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  1. I'd have a go with some to match my aircraft but my eyes are having trouble even in 1/48 now. I wish I could still do 1/72 aircraft but those days are long gone - most of you get better detail out of 1/72 than I'm capable of in 1/32. I read the term 6 footer in a post around here that's a pretty good term for me - well maybe 7 1/2 footer To big a stash to make the complete transformation anywho.
  2. I've got him by 50yrs and wish I could do as well - very nice
  3. I've never seen that before Awesome video thank you for posting it. Just went to the top of the stash list! Thank you
  4. Thank you very much for the offer but have 2 more of these kits in line and stole a set from #2 I will use #3's on it and then I wanted to build a set for #3 as I'm hoping to do better each kit as I learn tank building. I already have a long list of should'ves for #2 I'm searching G tracks and will give them a go
  5. Looking for some advice Just restarted the hobby and am building an old tamiya panther ausf A tracks were really tight after sitting for 20+ yrs - so hair drier to limber them up a little First one worked great so a little warmer will work better right - Wrong!! cooked one real good. Would like a new set of tracks without breaking the bank on a cheap kit. Will ausf D tracks work on this kit?? Any help in greatly appreciated Thanks
  6. Well my circa 73" Italaerei elefant is about assembled and painted - Used vallejo 7028 primer as a basecoat and primer in one then used testors and vallejo acrylics for the camo - pretty pleased with the results for the first kit in 25yrs and first tank in 45yrs. Now I want to try my hand at weathering so my plan is to future the whole thing decal and give artist oils a try - If happy with the outcome, hit it with some dust and dull coat?? Does this sound like the right approach? Feel free to move this if there is a better place for it.
  7. 750k2

    Start up questions

    Well I used the vallejo primer as a base coat and primer with testors acrylic and vallejo for the camo and I really like what I did. It's not up to the standards I see in here but worked better than anticipated. Now it's on to learning some weathering/oils stuff.
  8. 750k2

    Start up questions

    Well after an almost 30yr break I'm starting up again in 3 days - figured new years day was a good target. Bench is back in shape and found most of my tools and even added some new tools. Was mainly aircraft and auto when I hung it up but was getting ready to try the first armour since I was a kid (early 70's) Have 2 kubels that were just started put away along with some un-started trucks and tanks. Now the paint stuff - past pref. was model master but with the dropping of some colors and the local shop closing I am going to switch to Vallejo paints. First go will be just additional weathering, chipping will come later as I try new skill lessons. Will their primer in appropriate colors work as a primer and paint in one? Or should use paint over the top of the primer? I know for chipping having another prime show through would look better but will try to learn washes and other techniques first. Vallejo Dark yellow RAL7028 primer would be the choice. Sorry for being long winded but I'll try and catch up as fast as I can. Thank you for your time
  9. Jumping back in after some decades of Life. I'm now old and still about an average builder I would think - nothing like most of you. I won't be posting much but reading a lot and asking questions. You have a very nice site. Anywho hello from the US and sorry about that.
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