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  1. There wasn’t enough room for weight in the engines. Painted the undersides today, two nice coats of “Colourcoats” ‘light aircraft grey’ looks good!
  2. Thanks for your comments, I did try but it needs quite a bit of weight and there is little space for it, I might try adding some in the footwell in the cockpit. I have a fair amount in the bomb aimers position, disguised as the belt trays for the front machine guns but it appears to be woefully inadequate. I do have a small post to put in the rear under the tail, I haven’t painted it because it’s a neutral colour and will not be noticed much anyway. It’s good chunky solder I use so if I put some draped over the nose it will give me an idea of how much I need Vs. Can I fit it all in?! cheers.
  3. I’m also working on a Grumman Duck, I started it while I was waiting for the paint. It will be my first biplane! Just doing it in nice easy stages, taking my time. i painting on the Forest Green in patches on the wings and tail. I’ll second coat the OD before I apply the desert pink blotches but I have the underside to paint too, needs to be done first.
  4. Got my paints i ordered from Sovereign today, means i can get the Havoc all painted!
  5. Terrific info there, Thank you! Gotta admit the Revell engine looks far bettererer!
  6. Yes as fas as panel details, the kit is well marked out; when I think about the Helldiver, the matchbox wings were almost devoid of panel markings, mainly basic lines, which was why I decided to merge the (much) better Airfix wings. Ironically the Matchbox wings were made so they could be folded or straight. Airfix wings had superior details but could only be displayed out or folded permanently.
  7. To be honest, I don’t know. Still a good kit though; there aren’t many A-20’s about. Ive started another kit today, it’s an Airfix Grumman Duck, seaplane. I was bored waiting for the paints so I thought I’d get cracking on another model. Going well.
  8. Haven’t been able to do anything on the kit in the past couple of days while I’m waiting for the paint to be delivered; it’s on it’s way but I don’t know when; there’s nothing in the carriers tracking page so I presume it’s to be uplifted yet. One thing is for sure; when it arrives I’ll get on with it. the break has given me the chance to repair my die cast E.E. Lightning! The two missiles broke off and the probe broke off; I made a better way to mount the missiles so I can take’ the missiles off instead of them breaking off. I used my pin-vice to drill the nose probe mount a bit deeper and I’ll glue it back on. I’ve been wanting to get that sorted!
  9. Or even ‘Band on the Run and more especially Venus and Mars are excellent! Red rose speedway too. right now I’m listening to a band from Italy called The Watch, if you like Genesis music up to about 1976/77 these guys are brilliant! I love all their own music as well as their Genesis concerts, have seen them in Glasgow twice (but not this year) and they are just fantastic, so sublime!
  10. Markh-75

    Perth show.

    Thanks for that, much appreciated. I will come and say 'ello!
  11. Markh-75

    Perth show.

    This is good intel, thank you. I'll be coming by car; i used to deliver to the Perth and surrounding areas so i know well enough that the venue is further up the Glasgow Road. Looking forward to this! Are there any other model shows in Scotland? I'd like to attend more.
  12. Douglas A-20, (continued). I painted the upper side in olive drab this morning, and was going to give it a second coat at teatime but have decided to wait for the other colours because other wise areas will have up to four coats on them (have you ever tried to paint with four coats on?). When the other colours do arrive i'll do the underside before i continue with the camo' scheme, no point in over-painting it and then painting some more. You can just see the bomb sight i made in these pictures; there are little areas that will need to be painted in. Heres a better shot of the bomb sight! I also painted the clear parts. IF any of the other camo' colours are in the area of clear parts i can always paint it on. You can also see the tools i use to remove the overpaint; i carefully go around the edges of each 'pane' with the metal stylus first and then use the wooden 'manicure stick'. The wood is excellent because it will remove the residue from the clear parts and will not mark or scratch! Next time you see the clear parts they will have been cleaned up, excess removed and more than likely installed on the model! I dont worry anymore if i get paint where it shouldn't be, because it will come off, but its best to wait a few hours or even overnight because heavier coats can still be tacky underneath and it will just smudge. If the clear parts need another coat i make sure i have cleaned up the first coat first; i never leave two coats to be tidied. I always do ANY details under my magnifying glass, i get right into the corners and if need be i can touch areas in. You can get the sticks in Lloyds Chemists; the metal 'stylus' i got as part of a four craft knife set in 'The Range' (comes with a sharpening stone and other blades) When i have a long thin line to paint, and it comes as a decal, i dont use the decal; i prefer to paint the line on, i paint the lighter colour first in a line, second coat if required and once fully dry i mask it off so i can paint the model. If the tape (i use the Tamiya tape) is pressed down nice and tight it will come away leaving a crisp sharp line! Its easier for me to do it this way than lose a battle of wills with a long thin decal! Heres where the magnifier comes in! When i paint up to the line by plain sight (in my case plain sight includes glasses!) i can do a tidy job but when i check it under the magnifier there is always a thin .5mm line left unpainted! So i always back paint and do fine details through the magnifier!
  13. Thank you for your kind words folks I really appreciate it. I love the support from other members in this group! i like to have various models and various guises; they don’t all have to be all green or silver and they don’t all have to be in star and bars but they do have to be aircraft flown by US Navy and/or USAAF in WW2.
  14. Douglas A-20 (in continuum) Wasnt feeling great this morning but i got some work done on the model later in the day; i fitted the landing gear doors, the aerial and even made a tiny little metal box on a tiny metal stalk and glued it in the bomb aimers compartment as a bomb sight! I have a few spare bits of etch about, and i dont know how i managed to get the little box made without shouting at my (at times) inept, clumsy big fingers, but i did!, its glued in place and just needs a coat of black and some highlighting! I fitted the aerial. Painted the engine exhausts and fitted the landing gear doors and made a tiny little box out of some photo-etch i had lying spare! Heres a better picture of that. You can see the other landing gear doors too. I'll start painting it next. I have the Olive Drab, two colours of it in fact so i did wot i always do and did a colour check. I'll be using the 155 but i have a darker green on order as well as two browns; one is desert sand and the other is desert pink, again, i'll do a colour test before i use them but it can be painted in Olive drab once everything is set and dry. It will be OD with the darker green on places and either desert sand or desert pink 'splodges' all over that; the underside will be Gull grey. I also ordered the Gull Grey for underside and one or two others (for other kits), all from Sovereign!
  15. Thank you! Indeed, the only thing it lacks is the nut and bolt holding the wings on and lead wheels
  16. Eezer good, Eezer goode; 'es Ebeneezer Goode!
  17. Its why i go to lengths to get the right paint; i brush paint all of mine, always have and i'm used to enamel paints. Get the right colour, have it look right and do a nice paint job on it! If its not quite the right colour i am less than happy, i'd much rather know the colours are correct before i go to the bovver of painting a kit.
  18. Yes it was a journey, i had a fair bit of cutting out from the Matchbox fuselage but it did it in stages so i knew i wasnt going to cut too much away and weaken the fuselage. Paint was the next problem but i got that sorted too. Thanks for your kind words folks!
  19. I ordered both the Sand 306 and Des' pink (and 4 other coloeurs from Sovereign. I took an inventory of my existing paints and then looked in each models coloeur plan to see what else i'll need for other kits in the future, that got me to my minimum 6 colours. I'll check/test and see if one is better than the other when i paint the A-20, i also ordered Forest Green as one of the greens to go with Olive Drab and got my Light Gull Grey in the order too! Thanks. This discussion is in theworldwars.net under aircraft colours and camouflage in US Army and USAAF. I'm looking forward to using the Colourcoats; many here swear by them!
  20. Refers to their green and brown livery doesnt it?
  21. Yes there are one or two little hollows that will be filled before painting, Thank you. there are the same depressions on the top rear of the nacelles, but they’re all filled now. Cheers.
  22. A-20 Havoc (Continuum) This morning i drilled out and shaved the holes and revetments for the engine exhausts Once i'd spent time shaping the holes, making sure they were right and that the pipe could be angled back sufficiently, i cut two x 1cm long sections of WD40 straw and superglooped them in place I'll wait until later on and then trim the tubes at an angle so they're at the same plane (no pun intended) as the nacelles and then bore the tubes out for a larger hole in them before i start painting the model.
  23. Thank you, it was an adventure indeed! I’m happy I didn’t end up throwing the two kits away, but instead, merged them into a cracking model! It has boosted my confidence and I now feel better able to put in more time and detail on a kit. I will be looking for another A-36 Apache dive bomber (to add to my P-51 collection) and having another attempt at it. I’m better able to cope with kits now. Only thing that is a dampener is that many of the colours are discontinued by some manufacturers but fortunately there are companies that make these, thanks to Sovereign and Hannants!
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