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  1. Which planes are you going to choose? I really wanted to do 61-7975 as its less than 30 minutes from me, but so far no-one has a sheet containing it, so I might go with 7978 as its left rudder is on 61-7975. I'll probably build my Testors up too, maybe 17980. Not likely to see mine for a few weeks though and quite tempted to then compare with the bird at March,
  2. Thanks, I just saw the hat Merit have reissued a bunch of kits including their X-Craft under their new brand name, "I love Kit". Their 1/350 Ark Royal sold out pretty fast in an online shop I am looking at (we need another Brit Ww2 Brit carrier in that scale).
  3. Interesting, did you notice a difference in popularity of the different versions of Felixstowe? It took me days to choose between the early and late (I settled on late in the end).
  4. In case people didn't get the email from Hannants last Saturday: "Message; As you probably know Wingnut Wings have sadly recently ceased trading. We have just been told that Meng Models will be releasing the Wingnut Wings Fokker Dr.I Triplane in their own range. Meng Models were going to be producing the Fokker Dr.I Triplane plastic parts for Wingnut Wings so quality will be exactly the same. We do not have any more information such as price or release date yet. We urge you to reserve your kit by placing it on Backorder..." I took out the link to the back order itself, not sure if its allowed on the site, but should be easy to find. Whoever told Hannants is likely to be reliable, hopefully we can move on and actually start discussing the kit :).
  5. There is silence from WNW/WETA, I would presume if there was an issue we would have heard (plus copyright and ownership with China is complex from what I picked up). Meng looks like a good company, sadly only got one kit of theirs so far . Also, I know a former WNW member is looking forward to buying a few of these kits and I am also looking to buying one or two, hopefully I can get at least OK with figure painting as I have the Manfred boxing of the Albatros D.V and it would look nice to have him posed with different planes and schemes.
  6. Former WNW employees know, they have said that Meng were not involved in making the moulds for the Lancs or HP's. They did not elaborate on who did and no-one asked, and I doubt they will say anything unless we see something similar as what happened with Meng. Former WNW are quite active on WNW fan pages on FB and of course the WW1 forum where the news was broken about WNW troubles. Dave over on the WW1 forum is very close with the former WNw employees.
  7. Would have loved a Defiant :). Maybe in 4 years after lots of Hellcats and perhaps Corsairs sale...I am looking forward to the Hellcat, although not sure if I even would get it started.
  8. Oh a guessing game? Any more hints? Is it aimed at the younger generation? Or maybe its the jet engine thing? Probably wrong on all err both counts.
  9. Just when you thought it was safe to check Britmodeller, my poor stash needs another addition :).
  10. I could probably file and rescribe that, but with a new model they should get it right from the get go imho.
  11. Scroll to the bottom of the comments left by Homebee it looks like they'll be offering a free update to the G version too: "Modelcollect Hobby Inc. all those will be free, shipping cost is not include." Sucks they didn't involve the community earlier with the build, perhaps they could have avoided the errors to begin with.
  12. Hi David, My great-uncle, Geoffrey Pledger, flew as a gunner with 141 on Defiant's alongside Dennis Williams his pilot and your great team already have one aircraft they flew in on more than one occasion, L.7000, which I used when building the 1/72nd example and I'd dearly love to another decal set to the 1/48 version. I don't think I have any photo's of any of the others they flew in unfortunately (L6999, N1566...) Many kind regards, Matt
  13. FlyingPenguin


    Build first, find space later . Good luck with the build, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.
  14. Pre-ordered one via the US shop, so will take awhile longer to arrive as I don't mind waiting, also have the Revell version in the stash with a good amount of AM. Always liked the Victor, so two Victors are better than one .
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