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  1. Very nice job despite your problems that you encountered!
  2. Beautiful project in perspective Ant! I will follow you with great pleasure on this montage!
  3. !!!!! Must not say that ! personally, as French, I don't speak the language of Molière either ! Fortunately, by the way! Otherwise all the members of the forum look at me with an air? "It would be nice with a camisole" I envy you Vox! Tranquility, beauty! Everything is there to live happily and serenely! For your projects my friend? I can't wait to follow them! Thank you very much John for your welcome which makes me very happy! You will well hello to the Haute-Vienne! I love the Britmodeller forum because there are a lot of very nic
  4. Good evening Abandoned Project !!! thank you for your welcome !!! Yes !! you are right !!! Once the language is well mastered, you don't lose it too much
  5. Welcome to you 750k2 from France !!! don't say you're old! ! You should know that there is no age in our hobby! ! the New products, models and techniques for learning on the web make it easier to have superb models without being an ace on the subject ! For questions, no problem! There will always be members who will answer you! Anyway !!! The main thing is not to underestimate yourself because we have the level we have and even the best will learn again and again! I know when we see certain montages, we want to acquire the same knowledge immediately but, it
  6. Thank you all for your comments which make me very happy
  7. It is a region which is superb! Maybe not as much as Yorkshire which I like a lot with it's huge expanses of greenery and small typical villages! But it's a beautiful region
  8. good evening everyone !! Here is a project that I left waiting for my very first plane under my belt. Do I have to continue it? because this is a long time he returned to his box! I would open this post with the Dauntless 3/4 with this "late" version! The kit? Good ! It shows its age now but remains a very good bill for this model at 1/32! I would not do the boxing review, because after having started the subsets, I do not see how to put everything back on clusters. the kit is improved with the old Eduard references Here is like even the box.
  9. You are right to enjoy life during these festive periods my friend!
  10. thank you for the welcome John !!! It's really nice !!!
  11. (Young vintage, after 2003 for Bordeaux). St Julien, St Estèphe, Margaux Pauillac , Listrac, Moulis (Rive Gauche Bordeaux, Médoc) Gigondas, Lirac, Vacqueyras (Rhône Sud) Côte Rôtie, Hermitage, Cornas (Rhône Nord) Cahors, Madiran, Côtes du Marmandais (Sud-Ouest) Saumur, Bourgueil (Loire)
  12. I don't drink Top Turret red wine !! But it depends on what kind of meat are you going to eaten? Thank you for the welcoming
  13. Superb work Simon !! A 251 sanitary version is not very common on the forums !!! Yours is splendid
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