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  1. Thanks mate! I did some testing with the Model Air yesterday and I discovered that strait out of the bottle, I had little brush marks, so I thinned it at a ratio of 2 parts paint to 1 part water and got a much better result with no brush marks so I will try that with my Raptor and hope for the best!
  2. Thanks Gary! It's just that this is the way I have always done my models so for me that's how we do it, and I also loved it back in the days so I wanted to continue that way I didn't even know that poeple were doing it with an airbrush these days and when I discovered it I tough man they are missing so much fun! Also brush painting is a real challenge and when you succed at it it's kind of satisfying loll Another thing I find is that airbrush looks really messy and needs a lot of maintenance, and you need a spray booth and everything.. Don't really want to go that route.. I'm not ''opposed'' to airbrushing and I'm not saying it is easy at all, it must be really hard to get the right mix of thinning, air pressure, angle, distance etc.. to have a great result, but you will never have to be carefull for the brush marks so maybe more forgiving than brushing.. I love the challenge of brushing everything!!
  3. Hahaha! I use those cans too, mr super clear it does a great job!!
  4. Haha!! Yeah Devo even if we are now about 1% of all the modellers in the world these days loll You still brush paint all your models too?
  5. Yes I made it but it is very simple! I made a sticker on Zazzle.com and bought it, then I put it on a pine wood base. Then I tinted it black. I bought 1/4 acrylic rods on Ebay, heated them to bend them, and insert them in the holes I did in the base and in the jet exhaust. I firmly glued some plastic tubes inside the model so the rods would go inside those and it would be solid enough to hold the jet.
  6. Your link seems really intersting! I doubdt I will be able to achieve such a result but I will try to.. lolll
  7. Thnaks a lot Al!! Would like to see your Phantom I'm sure it's beautiful too! As for my brushes I use 3/4 inche flat brushes for large areas, alsways clean them with water after use and put them in a jar with the brissles in the air without anything touching them. It seems to help keeping the brushes in good condition.
  8. Thanks again everybody!! Maybe it was just beginner's luck loll we'll see after the Raptor..
  9. Yes it will be a good challenge really don't know yet what I'm going to do with it.. Do you hand brush it too or airbrush??
  10. Thank you! lol I ordered orange rods to do this but never got them Maybe will try to fit in the leds would be awesome!
  11. Thanks Mike! I'm already amazed by what I see here! unbelievable talent that's for sure!! Will try and do my best to be half good as them loll
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