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  1. I usually build space stuff and aircraft but I wanted to do something Ukrainian so here is my quick build of the Skif 1/35th T-64BV. Equipment and markings are an amalgam of real vehicles and models on Britmodeller. Not up to the standard of most of the great stuff on here but I'm quite pleased with it.
  2. Most kind, thank you. Thank you. Honestly, those AE-35 units are useless.
  3. Finally got the images working. The sphere was pretty hard, I used XTC-3D and lots of filler and re-craved lots of detail. If was doing it again I would be tempted to adjust the model to take off the raised panels, print and smooth that and then add the panels back with plasticard.
  4. Excellent work. I did one from the same printing files a while ago. About 1.7m long. I don't seem to able to link in any images at present.
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