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  1. Thank you Chris ,i will give it a go.
  2. Hi Chris Great work,i am just starting the ark royal build and found when i was pairing down the hull that is has slight banana bend, did you experience this and if so was it detrimental to the build?
  3. Hi, Can anyone please advise me as to where i can obtain 1/700 scale pennant numbers for Ark Royal (R09) , Fugimi model in build.. Thank you.
  4. Hi please could anyone advise me as to where i can get deck aircraft tugs for the atlantic HMS Ark Royal 1/700 scale resin model. Thank you.
  5. Hi, just about to purchase the ark from Starling,please could you advise as to the correct overall RN Grey colour code and manufacturer and would you sugest brush or spray aplication Thank You ,Charlie Leaver.
  6. Hi ,Mike, Have you any details as of when the Ark Royal resin model is availiable from Starling please.
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