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  1. Nice one Tony! What kit are you planning to use? Would this be any use to you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD6izBE3f2M
  2. Some very nice builds and paint jobs there Miggers.
  3. Murdo

    Wolf hunts the Bear

    Thanks mate! The wee Airfix 1/72 job is very nice. Add a couple of bits of cheap tubing (e.g. plastic or rubber wiring) some model railway grass, wet and dry sand paper, a dod of paint and...
  4. Murdo

    Wolf hunts the Bear

    Yes mate. He did. Thankfully. I got praise from the great Scratch Guru himself! Did you ever see any of his stuff?
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I wasn't quite sure where to post it as it aint a tank or a plane... This is a horribly long post too… Many months ago, having built the Airfix 1/72 Bristol Bloodhound Anti-Aircraft Missile I wanted one in 1/35th scale. Not being prepared to fork out about £90 for a kit I decided to try and scratch build one... My first ever scratchbuild. I must have been insane! I love the streamlined, evil look of brooding menace this Missile has! The Bloodhound was a Cold War Missile found on RAF bases all over the world and was designed to take out Soviet Bombers (Bears) at an incredible speed long before they got anywhere near their target. Thankfully it was never used in anger. My thanks to my good friend Steve (Barv) who recently passed away and without whose incredible expertise and persistent nagging this would never have been started, let alone built. Here are the build pics and final result. The Wolf hunts the Bear! The start: At this point I discovered that, whilst it looked correct from the few pictures I had obtained… I had in fact constructed the launcher BACKWARDS! Thanks to Barv and the RAF Museum at RAF Hendon for the diagram which showed where I'd gone wrong. So, back to the drawing (and cutting) board. Rebuilt Hydraulics unit to correct dimensions, rebuilt launcher rail and added Missile support struts. Made hydraulic connectors for hoses. Blue tacked together to see how it looks. With wiring and hydraulic hoses added And now for the missile. Nicked one of my kiddies pens which was the correct diameter and made tapered body from plastic tube. Then shaped warhead cone from Balsa. Fins and tail fins made from plastic card. RamJets made from tubing with tapered cone from candle glued inside. Boosters and fins made from flat card, tubing and sharpened pencil heads. Missile test fitted to Launcher. Looking okay so far. Painted Launcher. Front and rear Launcher “plumbing” Painted Missile then made a small base from an old picture frame. Added model railway grass and wet and dry sandpaper for the tarmac and scratched a small field telephone for the left of the barrier. The view them pesky Russkies didn’t ever want to see. And finally, next to a 1/35th Chally 1 for size reference. It really is a big beast! Hope you like it.
  6. I got completely wee weed off with them. Went back to using Tamiya. My mate loves them.
  7. Those are some incredible pics Damien. I bought the Airfix 1/72 one today at the show. I have to admit that I'm surprised such small looking air brakes would make any difference to such a beast.
  8. This happened to me recently on a Hunter. I take it Klear won't act as a barrier between them then? IIRC Klear is Acrylic too?
  9. Nice wee model and a lovely paint job Jim. Very smooth work.
  10. Murdo

    Masking fluid

    As I dip every clear part in Klear I'm surprised to hear that so many of these items have ammonia in them that destroys Klear. Is there anything out there that doesn't?
  11. If you use M$ Image re-sizer (which is a free download) you have about three options for pic size, one of which is Medium = 800 x 600. This program will also reduce a 3Mb pic to about 80Kb without losing resolution. Definitely worth getting.
  12. Oooh! That's nice! Very, very nice. Love the paint scheme.
  13. Okay, I give up. What do you use the blusher brush for. I know what it is I'm just baffled as to its purpose with wet paint.
  14. Murdo

    Aztec A470

    Aaaagh! You jammy bugger!!!!! Why does that never happen to me!!!! I bought the Aztek 470 on evilbay many years ago and I'm very pleased with it... Mind you, it's the only airbrush I've ever owned. I think I really need to get a moisture trap for it though and some new tips. The Tan tip is great though mine has partially melted. The Aztek really takes some serious abuse!
  15. Andy, if you don't mind I'll borrow this quote... Glenn, I couldn't put it better! Great build mate!!!
  16. Very, very nice Oliver. I'm especially impressed with the glass work framing. How did you get such neat lines in something so small? This is one of my weakest areas (one of many ).
  17. Murdo

    RN vs FAA

    A bit off topic but... I think I met this guy a couple of years ago. If it's the same bloke then he now runs a hotel in Scotland.
  18. Murdo

    Future uses

    Ah! The wonderful Klear. Got me out of a modelling scrape once or twice. Great stuff!
  19. Did Hunters carry bombs??? I'm very interested to see the replies to this.
  20. Oooh! That looks nice! Glad you got over the issues. It's far too nice to bin!
  21. I don't know the "small shop in Dunfermline" but as far as I know... 1) As mentioned - "Jamiesons" in Glasgow. A true model shop. 2) "Wonderland Models" in Edinburgh. I was there once about twenty years ago. I have no idea what it is like now but the website seems quite good. http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/ 3) There's also a small model shop in Helensburgh (near Faslane Navy Base) that sells some nice kits. It's more of a hobby shop for Dolls houses and model railways but also sells Styrene, brass rod etc and some other usefull modelling items. 4) A toy shop in Inverness which has a small but nice line in Airfix, Revell and paints. It's across from the indoor market and the name, very irritatingly, escapes me right now. 5) "The Sports and Hobby Shop" in Dingwall, about ten miles north of Inverness which has a great range of kits and paints (from Airfix and Revell to artists stuff) and a very friendly and superbly helpful staff. The last two are quite some distance (about 180 miles one way) from "just north of Glasgow" and these are the only ones I know off. I know that most of these are a long way from Stirling and Perth but...
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