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  1. And I thought 1:144 was small! That's an absolute cracker and I'm rather jealous.
  2. Tis easy mate; reply to a post, click on the "face" icon, select a category and pick what you want.
  3. That looks like a lot of seriously hard work there. Cracking job!
  4. If you want really clear "glass" windows try using wimmen's nail varnish. The stuff I used on the "Jura" created lovley windows but be careful, the stuff melts Acrylic paint which can run into the varnish! Funnily enough, it makes a horrible varnish...
  5. Love it Gorby! If nothing agrees then go with what you agree with. Make someone else argue their case. My dremel just wet itself with excitement!
  6. Crumbs! That looks absolutely superb! Museum display quality there! Did you make the case too?
  7. The cockpit framing looks great. I'll bet it looks perfect with the naked eye!
  8. Unfortunately, I have that problem with plastic too.
  9. As a wee fella I had several models where the undercarraige had been broken off and rebuilt with what I had available (sprue, matchsticks etc) Humbol Enamel paint was thinned with paraffin - I kid you not! My dad had a paraffin heater in his "study" (bedroom) so the stuff was in plentiful supply. It cleaned the enamel out of paint brushes perfectly too. I really think I'd like to build a kit in that way again... WelshZeCorgi: Just have a bash at something simple.
  10. Yeah but the cleaned and varnished wood just looks magical... Not that I've ever acheived that magic yet.
  11. Oooooooh! Wish they'd bring that out in 1:144! This is going to be interesting!
  12. I love 1:144 planes (the wee ones, not the airliners) and these are brilliant!
  13. I use the Uschi thread so I do sympathise. I'm currently playing with Fibre Optic cable and LEDs to light up my models. Last week I had my glasses and optivisor on and couldn't figure out why the 0.25mm thread-like FO cable wouldn't produce light from it's end. Then I realised I was trying to attach a stray strand of my daughters hair to the LED. I suppose an optivisor ain't the be all, end all!
  14. Buy an Optivisor. Superb peice of kit!
  15. The DPM is a decal??? Who makes it please? where can we get it?
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