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  1. Absolutely stunning work there. Sheer museum class!!!
  2. I love airbrushing Tamiya and it is fantastic for that but as mentioned above, when I've tried brushing it I often find that (even with retarders) it lifts the previous coat or just shows to many brush marks. Revel Aquacoat is an excellent brush paint.
  3. Can't believe it's been four months since I last posted anything on Jura. Work has been murder as another manager went long term sick and I ended up doing his work as well as my own. I thought I'd get a load of stuff done over Christmas but, work was a busy as ever. Plus my other two hobbies, Flight sim and Hunter - COTW. I would be making (and often losing) tiny Jura parts whilst indulging in these other two. Twasn't only work and othe hobbies mind you. Having seen and admired Stelangton's lovelywork on the 1:350 Titanic with LEDs and Fibre Optics (FO from here on) I decided the Jura would look good lit up the same way... Cue a three month fascination (insanity) with a breadboard, batteries, LEDs, resistors, photoresistors and off course FO cable, cursed be the stuff! My Beloved got quite fed up with me lighting up strands of FO whilst cooing over the results. The smallest calibre was .25mm and that is thin stuff. Couldn't figure out why one strand wouldn't light up until I realised I was trying to light up a strand of my daughters hair! So, started fitting the FO to Jura. You may remember the "skeleton" looked like this: Which was then filled with Isopon P38 to produce this: However, to fit the FO I had to I had to Dremel out rather large chunks of Jura and she ended up looking like this: And this: You can see just how much of the superstructure supports I happily Dremeled away: I also made a seascape to take the FO and assorted gubbins. Seascape made from a blue painted base covered with translucent bathroom sealant which was the sealed with Halfords Clear Lacquer (kills the sealant stickness). I then glued the superstructure to the hull and the hull to the seascape. All good!!! Unfortunately, removing so much internal superstructure support left me with an unthought of problem. No superstructure support! FO cable on it's own is reasonably malleable stuff and fairly happy to do as bidden. FO cable in a bundle grows a hoodie gang mentality, is evil stuff and is like trying to herd cats! One day whilst manipulating the FO cable I heard a ripping sound and all cable tension disappeared. On turning the seascape box over I found that - tied together the FO also acted like a leaf spring under tension and it had ripped the superstructure from the deck. I put her away on the shelf of shame for a few weeks in rage and vented my frustration by shooting virtual animals. Spent a bit of time in the the Yukon area of Hunter COTW hunting Wolves with a crossbow and being attacked by them left, right and centre. To be continued:
  4. Pretty spectacular scratch building there!
  5. That Harrier looks pretty darned good!!! Nice one.
  6. At least you laugh instead of saying bad words.
  7. That's a big beast of a plane. It looks like it's creeping up on that TR-1 to eat it. Will you be using fibre optic cable for the wingtip lights etc? Following with great interest!
  8. Nah... Build both! build both! You know you really want to!
  9. Murdo

    The Weather,

    By the way... I was supposed to be in Hereford today to visit my guys but the engineer in charge said "We have serious flooding, we might be able to get you here (maybe) but if you manage to get out again you're car might not get back out undamaged"
  10. Murdo

    The Weather,

    Yes. but this is a passenger ferry. I hope none of the passengers were standing. And especially by the stairs down to the car deck... Or on their way down the stairs... Or even by then by their cars...
  11. open can, release worms!
  12. Got directed here from a link in another post... WOW! How did I miss this? What fabulous work!!!
  13. If you print a decal on an inkjet, give the printed decal a quick spray with clear car laquer, It fixes it without any ink smudging or running.
  14. Have a look in the "girly" isle in a supermarket for eyebrow tweezers etc - take Wife / Daughter Units with you and just look bored whilst sneakily scanning the products. There are some wicked looking tweezers there that are very robust and stand up to a lot of abuse. I wait for Wife / Daughter Units to buy them then borrow / "disappear" them. Unfortunately they're a bit wise to this and raid my Build Area periodically. DU also knows there's always Nail Polish Remover somewhere on my BA, aka "Acetone" acrylic paint remover.
  15. Not boring in the slightest, thank you for taking the time to photo it and post it! I tried doing this a few years back and found it terribly addictive. I would make parts just for the fun of it. Might start doing it again...
  16. Doing it on the sprue is brave, I hope you manage to get it off and sanded okay!
  17. Try Morrisons. They sell a white plastic bottle of "Savers All Purpose Cleaner". 1 litre for about 25p Dropped a Tamiya acrylic painted figgy in and it shifted the acrylic PDQ.
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