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  1. Have you tried "The last Kingdom" on Netflix? Well worth watching.
  2. "Up North" is a long way south of me...
  3. Nice work on that broken glass! Will you be putting some bullet holes in that lovely paintwork?
  4. Murdo


    Where I live. AKA, "The Vale" as Daughter Unit calls it. Well, she pronounces it "The Vayo".
  5. I'm really rather jealous of the build quality!
  6. Try the nail varnish wimmen use. A wee dab in the hole (with a toothpick, okay?) often works beautifully as it dries very clear. Just try not to let it contact the paint if it is acrylic or better still, seal the paint first. Another useful item is UV glue, comes in a tube with a needle and the UV "torch" that sets it on t'other end of the tube. Usually sets very clear too.
  7. I once lost the 3" long, very red, tail rudder from a 1/32 Revell BAE Hawk in a room in MIL's immaculate house, which had some furniture and a bright blue carpet. Could I find it???? Nope. Finally, in a rage I scratched a new one. Months later - after the kit was built, I found the original stuck to the bottom of the kit box with a wee dod of Blue-Tack.
  8. Cracking job. Love the track detail on that!
  9. That looks pretty bloomin' good to me mate!!! Lovely job.
  10. I think this is superb stuff! It's a CA gel that allows a fair bit of "work time". It's also quite strong. https://www.loctiteproducts.com/en/products/fix/super-glue/loctite_super_glueultragelcontrol.html
  11. Murdo


    From my old Regiment's bolshie and dreadfully satirical ex Squaddie's website: "Cos when 1 person sneezes, 100 others removed themselves!" Apols Mods and Mike!
  12. Sounds like you and Bandsaw Steve (SS Xantho) had ships sinking with the same problem?
  13. Oooooh! 1:350? Luvverly!!! What 3D crew did you use? Fabulous water too by the way!
  14. I think it will look better than merely "stunning".
  15. Denny's yard was quite innovative: "William Denny and Brothers built Sir Walter Scott as a "knock-down" ship; that is, it was assembled with bolts and nuts at Denny's shipyard at Dumbarton on the River Leven, the pieces numbered and dismantled again, transported in pieces by barge up Loch Lomond and overland by horse-drawn cart to Stronachlachar pier on Loch Katrine and there rebuilt with rivets and launched.[1] Denny's assembled Sir Walter Scott at their yard in 1899 and completed its reassembly and launch on the loch in 1900." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Sir_Walter_Scott
  16. This is one of these Classic BM "builds" that starts with a "build" (this time a wee helicopter) and then roams over most of the known universe in topics.
  17. Builder Yard: Alexander Denny, Dumbarton. About 6 miles from where I live. Once the yard took up most of the Clyde around Dumbarton, employing thousands and producing some very famous ships. Now a single museum building... Progress, eh!
  18. Great to see the finished model! And what a beauty she is too.
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