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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Your work is always so neat and spot on. How many of these did you make that had to be rejected as useless?
  2. Plastic card (even as paper thin as .25mm) can actually be quite surpringly strong, especially if you support it with an internal structure or runners made of square rod etc. Or as Mike says, laminate together.
  3. Small (really small) models often take up far more time and attention than larger ones.
  4. Stupidly... So did I... Love your work so far though, especially the gun barrels!
  5. Some seriously impressive work going on here!
  6. Murdo

    Lock Down.

    Heroic Gordons
  7. Murdo

    Lock Down.

    My son was watching the Proclaimers musical "Sunshine over Leith" the other day and I was totally struck by the clip / song "Oh Jean". The song was beautfifully matched by the slow and stylish "Gay Gordons" dance in the background! Not "Gay" as in the current understanding of it. More power to yer fiddle bow!
  8. Murdo

    Lock Down.

    Ignore my last question Beardie! Missed RobL's post whilst thinking about my reply.
  9. Murdo

    Lock Down.

    I'm confused Beardie, did you quote the correct item? Mine was a joke about airguns, 15 YO daughters and S10 Respirators... No joke is she does actually have my old S10... 2nd No Joke: Having used SLRs, SA80s, Gimpys, Charley Gs, AR15s, M79s, 66mms, and Rardens, I'm a criminal if I have a .177mm Air Rifle... Which (of course) I now no longer own!
  10. Murdo

    Lock Down.

    Found mine in my 15 year old daughters bedroom... Live in Scotland so pretty much anything stronger than a fart has been denied us. Airguns are re-classified as "Firearms". I've restrung my bow.
  11. Have you tried "The last Kingdom" on Netflix? Well worth watching.
  12. "Up North" is a long way south of me...
  13. Nice work on that broken glass! Will you be putting some bullet holes in that lovely paintwork?
  14. Murdo


    Where I live. AKA, "The Vale" as Daughter Unit calls it. Well, she pronounces it "The Vayo".
  15. I'm really rather jealous of the build quality!
  16. Try the nail varnish wimmen use. A wee dab in the hole (with a toothpick, okay?) often works beautifully as it dries very clear. Just try not to let it contact the paint if it is acrylic or better still, seal the paint first. Another useful item is UV glue, comes in a tube with a needle and the UV "torch" that sets it on t'other end of the tube. Usually sets very clear too.
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