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  1. Nice one Russ. This plane makes me think that someone accidentally dropped a Fairey Fulmar fuselage on to a Spitfire wing.Low and behold, the dang thing flew off somewhere and morphed into this.
  2. Airliner kits seem to be getting so much better than what we had when I was growing up. Both of yours look great. You have a good eye for color matching too. I may have to try my hand at one of the Zvezda airliner models.
  3. That turned out really nice. I have a couple of these and one is simply in need of paint to finish it off but it has to be close to 20 years old. I assembled it with wheels up so that I could display it on a stand. Seeing yours now, I should probably get mine out and throw some paint at it.
  4. That is simply awesome! Looks like you could just climb inside it and fly it around.
  5. That turned out really nice. I like the very subtle panel line wash. It is so easy to over do the accent. My twisted side says to do one of these and paint it white with a yellow circle on the top and convert it to and egg-plane. Oh yeah! The horizontal tail plane could be a piece of bacon. …… Now I'm starting to get hungry.
  6. Looks great! This is probably my favorite British jet thanks to a photo shoot from an old issue of Koku Fan (Feb '91). It was like discovering an aircraft that you never knew existed until you see it in a picture.
  7. Fantastic! I would see that at the local hobby shops in the 80's but it just didn't interest me back then. Now of course I wish I had one of those in my stash.
  8. Yeah looks like the same boxing that I bought here in the states when it first came out. The problem with mine is the pebbly surface of the plastic and a fuselage that looks as if it's gonna need a belt sander and a sledge hammer to get the halves to line up. I admire anyone who tackles this kit. I have not attempted mine yet because OSHA requires too much paper work and safety equipment to operate the tools that I will need to assemble this kit. A tip of the hard hat and a heavy safety glove salute to Airfix for giving us this kit. I do love the 1/72nd scale rendition of the Buc that Airfix released in 2019 however.
  9. I bought this kit in March 2019 while I was in Las Vegas (my old stomping grounds for 22 years) I don't think I want to do mine as a silver bird either but I will certainly follow this build. Your interior looks awesome too by the way.
  10. That looks great. Nice restoration job. I have got 2 of the Hasegawa F-14's in my stash from probably 15 years ago. I really need to get started on at least one of them. Todd
  11. Entire build is fantastic but that wood grain really rolled my socks down.
  12. That looks great! The finish is awesome which was probably no easy task. I have always wanted to do a Lockheed Electra in the same scale.
  13. Something has gone amiss, (might be my computer) but all I an see is little gray boxes that reads "spacer png". Then again I live in Utah things move differently here. Todd
  14. I think it looks great. Nice job on that one.
  15. You describe errors or incorrect features of the kit but it looks fantastic built up as you have done here. Great job on both aircraft that you have posted on this thread.
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