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  1. I bought this kit in the 1980’s when it first came out (same markings too). My intention was to build it at the same time my neighbor was building one of his fabulous car models. Alas, it never came to be but I love the body style so much I can’t bear to part with it. Your model turned out great and I would encourage you to build more auto kits in the future. My main interests have always been military stuff and figures but I do love a really well made car kit too. Todders
  2. Nice job on this little gem. I have had this kit in my stash for over 30 years along with a True Details cockpit set. Yet it is still not even started. Thanks for sharing this with us. Todders.
  3. I have this kit from Revell in my stash and have even tried to take it out and start it a few times over the years but for some reason the assembly instructions for the main landing gear seem to baffle me. Maybe it is because I am not usually an airline builder but I think the kit just looks neat when assembled. Just wish that I could get past all of those little parts in the gear well. Your kit turned out amazingly clean and very well executed. I bow to your “plastic excellence”. Todders
  4. Very nice. I will be watching this quite a bit as I have had this kit for years and need to build it or move it along to someone ready to give it the “love” that it deserves. Todders
  5. Bravo! This. is probably one of my favorite US Naval aircraft from WW2. I bought this kit shortly after it was released and started it right away but for some reason have never finished it. You did a fine job of finishing this kit. Makes me want to get mine out again. Todders
  6. I think it looks great! The main thing is. “ it looks like a Defiant when it is finished”. You can get so caught up in having every little detail perfectly executed that you never will finish a kit or be happy with it for that matter. ( I experience this quite often which is why I have very little to show for it.) After seeing several Airfix Defiants finished on line I have decided that at some point I must get one (likely 1/48th). At the moment I have too many other irons in the fire to try and go after this bird. I read your blog on the build and it was well written too. Thanks for sharing your model with us. Todders
  7. I think it looks great! I so want to do mine. Todders
  8. Great story behind your build I especially appreciate the phonetic spelling of the air fields. Quite a few of them are tongue twisters for this old yank living in the high desert of Northern Utah. For some unexplained reason I have had an attachment to the Buffalo, perhaps it is all of those yellow winged pre war markings that the U.S. Navy had on them. I remember hearing a comment on a documentary about the Buffalo that with each subsequent model development of the Buffalo the plane became less and less capable of it’s performance l will be following your progress. < That’s a kiwi fruit because there is no little bird emoji. Todders
  9. Very nice Fuad. Your paint job is very convincing and the photography is great too. I have both the bubble top and razorback in my stash but can't decide what markings to do them in (there are just so many). Thanks for sharing this. You must be a prolific builder with all of your presentations.
  10. That is really cool! I have a couple of the Esci Aermacchi kits. The only problem I have is I can't figure out what markings to do them in. First time that I have seen anyone attempt this. Awesome job!! Todders
  11. Love this airplane and love these markings. I have had this kit in my stash for years but can't bring myself to try and tackle it. Will surely come back to this post time and time again to simply stare at it and dream of doing a job half as good as this. Best submittal in my own opinion that I have seen on this site in quite awhile, although I am not saying all the other posts on this site are not equally deserving praise. This one just does something for me. Todder
  12. Very nice! It's good to see these less common aircraft types being tackled in different scales by the model companies. Think I am going to have to try one of these kits. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Truly inspiring. Todder
  13. Very nice! Love your camouflage scheme. Am I correct in assuming it was with an airbrush? I would love to have more Italeri kits but I feel the distributor here in the U.S. wants too much money for them which makes them too expensive in the hobby shops. They used to be much more reasonably priced. Todd
  14. This kit is on my radar to get in the future but I have other pressing issues outside of modelling. When I first saw this kit I had little interest in Helos. However after reading on it and seeing several on line builds I decided I gotta have it. Your build looks great too! Just makes me want one that much more. Todder
  15. I started to do this very same thing to this kit many months ago but ended up putting back in to the massive pile of kits to do. Now you make me want to get it back out and proceed with my original intentions. Great job! Inspires me to go dig it out again! Todder
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