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  1. Thanks for the comments Its an AMT kit, and yes i do think the turned wheels help the look too
  2. All the best for a Covid free new year I started this one a few weeks ago and decided to modify the livery slightly in keeping with some of my other models along the same theme. Built straight from the box, an enjoyable model, with most bits connecting well but have struggled with the decals as unable to get the wrinkles out without ripping and general alignment. I'm fairly happy with the results of the finished model, some small details to change and a good polish but otherwise as expected. I'm not one for fine detail (although i do appreciate it on others superb model
  3. My other trucks are left hand drive 4x2's Easier for my imaginary 40t European operations
  4. I finally found some time and inclination to upload this after my Foose pick-up last year I think, One of several "what if” truck fleet I've built, based on many years in the tanker industry working for the same company for 45 years now. over the years I've Fixed em, bought em and sold em !! Italeri kits modified to suit UK specification, painted with halfords ratttle cans Right hand drive conversion Tag axle Homemade decals (a bit thick to be honest), tractor and some trailer but OK on display, suprised how they look on photos !! stretched trailer to th
  5. Thanks for the responses - resigned to gluing in place as I cant see a way of adapting them, rotating wheels would more likely be easy removed to change if needed so not a problem really Gluing it is then ! Cheers
  6. Good Evening - cant find the topic covered anywhere. A basic question, not sure if I've missed the point but how do you fix the resin wheels to a Revell mustang. Should they be glued/superglued in a fixed position or is there a method of adapting to keep them moving I've got the MSTC24022 for the Revell mustang but they don't fit, thus assuming you glue them in place !
  7. Thanks Gents, its my first small build for a while, running out of room for the truck fleet so have a couple of cars on the go. I found the kit went together well, better than the trucks really, perhaps more modern production or quality checks maybe. I've built quite a few 1.50 code three models and always found the Halfords rattle cans give a really good finish with little polishing required if you get it right first time, they do load a lot of paint onto the model though and take an age to dry properly before you can work on them ! Roush decals are in the kit, I presume a popu
  8. My First post on here so please be gentle It’s a standard Revell Foose Ford D100 I’ve been meaning to build for a while and thought I would try to achieve something more personal and in keeping with my “what if” truck fleet based on many years in the tanker industry. So I decided to add a smaller truck to the fleet, it needs a bit of detailing and a clean-up, to be finished at a later date but 99.9% complete. Mostly Halfords rattle cans which I like, but could do with building a filter/extractor box to keep the bits off the paint when paintworking in my very untidy garage
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