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  1. Brilliant to see some more progression, glad the Lego has also returned
  2. Outstanding build! The AA kits are fantastic and fun to build, fancy getting one of the 747s, want to make VA Maiden Voyager.
  3. There’s a charm to the old kits, I enjoy the challenge of them and the nostalgia
  4. There’s outstanding when it comes to models... then there’s you this is something else!! Do you build models as a profession? This is like film prop standard modelling!
  5. Really appreciate all this! Thank you, And they are 26 decals need to order more I’ve accidentally ordered another trident kit!
  6. Hi all! hope you’re all coping well with lockdown, looking for some advice please, currently working on a AA Trident, looking to do the speed jack BEA scheme, I’m just stuck on what shade the tail should be, as it’s quite a strange blue shade looking at reference photos. any advice would be amazing please, both rattlecan or paint mixture for airbrushing would be fine thank you
  7. Hello all! it’s been a while i know, life often gets in the way! but she’s basically on her own legs, after fiddling with the worlds most intricate undercarriage. I was going to originally pain the undercarriage then instal, but it being resin I felt once I have primer on the parts should paint up a lot nicer so, I fitted! May soon find out that was a mistake but it’s all learning... apparently
  8. Hello again! more updates, free from a cast I can paint! Ish... progress has been minimal, well... nothing! never really appreciated how much I took my hands for granted... and never anticipated how itchy casts are! But anyway, onto paining the undercarriage. Work is slow, but hoping between being back to work I can get her on her own legs, the details of the undercarriage on this scale is fantastic! Even though filing without losing all the details can be a pain.
  9. It’s been a while thanks to personal Heath and the loft conversion being more of a pain than expected... so I’m still working on the kitchen table. anywayyyyyy... done some more filler work on the engines, looking rough but shall chuck some primer on there, work out some of the imperfections, very very fine file before another coat. They have been a pain but hopefully I can get them looking good enough, at this scale mistakes can be hidden thankfully! Decals arrived and they look extremely nice! So nice in fact I also ordered the Chelsea Rose livery for a 737-400. Going to continue working on painting the undercarriage today and tomorrow and between coats I’ll be cleaning up little bits on the plane itself. and sat beneath the decals in the box was a delivery from Authentic Airliners containing the beautiful resin BAC 111-500 and a Trident 3B, thankfully they restocked them and I raced to order! It was a good parcel day.
  10. Thank you for confirming that Mike, every time I end up on that website I often find myself looking at the complete different thing I went looking for so do appreciate that. I do like the world tails, I’m still quite young so when world tails came out they were often all I drew in my school books! remember going to Florida for my first family holiday and first experience flying and seeing the line of BA world tail 747s at Heathrow and just being fascinated! I think it’s all the photos I took on my disposable camera on that holiday, joys of being a plane mad 6 year old! I’ve recently got a few 737, and ordering a couple of AA 747s with my tax rebate, I would quite like to have them all! I’m just waiting the decals from F-Decal, I have a couple world tails sat waiting to be used on the shelf of doom
  11. I feel like you’re not one to conform to the normal builds, big fan of this, one way to be unique, pretty confident nobody would have a build like this
  12. Never give up! Put it on the shelf of doom and come back to it in a few years like normal modellers :’)
  13. Them decals look like a headache! Beautiful build! Patience must be strong in you :’)
  14. I’ve decided to go with the Chelsea Rose livery, a livery I distinctly remember always using when playing old flight sim 2000. can’t find any reference photos with the livery being on aircraft with the E4 engines, i have searched a lot! I like to try and challenge myself, and since starting the Braz engines I won’t be defeated by them! :’) BUUUUUUT saying that... I have the AA ones together as a just incase the Braz ones push my blood pressure up much higher
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